Announcing The Winners Of The Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest

Congratulations to ALL Winners!

I have just picked the winners of recent contest sponsored by Zuke’s.

Zuke’s, healthy and all-natural dog & cat treats made in the USA with no fillers, additives, corn, wheat or soy wants to know what your pet’s favorite Zuke’s product is! And here are the winners!

I apologize in advance for the shouting … it didn’t seem like it at the time 🙂 I wanted a little background music but when I first tested for sound it was too low. So, I turned up the sound and picked the winners! Little did I know what I was hearing (loud music) and what was happening (not so loud music) … were two different sound levels, and I thought I was talking “a bit louder” to compensate!

Anyway, that’s the least of my problems because I have been experiencing major computer lag and memory issues, running my browser, including my gmail, my ToDo list and the Empire Avenue game, as well as both current and last year’s income tax software programs, and accounting programs, my phone book,, and .. the list goes on. That is the reason it turned out to be NO PICTURE! However, I decided the winners were properly calculated (by me) and randomly selected properly (by me) and these were the first 3 winners that were selected – and it’s a done deal!

If you are one of the winners .. please forward me your proper shipping address, and your preference for either dog treats, cat treats, or a mixture of both etc .. to … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com.

Let’s go!

WINNER #1 – Entry 78


Winning Entry

Winning Comment:

WINNER #2 – Entry 30

Laurie Banks

Winning Entry

Winning Comment:

WINNER #3 – Entry 80


Winning Entry

Winning Comment:
My dogs love the Z-filets (that used to be the only thing that my young dog would eat to get him into his crate at night) and the Peanut Butter minis. I use them all the time for training!

Did you see my own Pets checking out the Zuke’s Treats?

I posted this the other day on THIS post.

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