Animal Liberation Front rescue hundreds of animals in Italy

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

“10-10-2007 Brescia Tonight 2 rabbits, 13 ducks, 2 rats, 10 mice, 9 hens/chickens and about 200 chicks have had their lives changed, freed from the cages of a vivisection lab and safe from the experiments and death they were destined for. For these animals the dream to live free, play in the grass and enjoy sunlight, has come true. The lab where we took these animals from is in a basement of the “Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna,” in Brescia. IZS is a state-funded research centre, a huge complex with many buildings, warehouses, offices, sheds and research labs. The experiments the animals undergo at this centre are carried out for the benefit of farmers. Private animal abuse businesses are sustained and supported by research centres like IZS, where the torture of thousands of animals is paid for with public money. Many of the animals we saved were used for experiments on vaccines; the Gumboro disease for chickens and MEV for rabbits. THESE DISEASES POSE NO THREAT TO HUMAN HEALTH Just a glimpse of what these creature are undergoing: the rabbits inoculated with MEV die of hemorrhages, their organs are then used to produce MEVAX, a vaccine patented by the same IZS of Brescia. During the still ongoing experiments rabbits have died while blood samples were taken directly from the heart. Mice are infected with a flu virus, a low risk stock, but we handled them with care anyway and they will live isolated from other animals. A scare

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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21 Responses

  1. adiosucks123

    @WildlifeSeriaLKiller Your life is no more important than any other creatures.

  2. na7803

    Vive ALF.Merci pour eux de les sauver de cette horreur.

  3. DoomedSpaceMarine123

    Nice job! Maybe I should do something like that too… 😀

  4. howlingserenity

    when everything comes around to it, and at the end of everything torture, slaughter and such things are not what makes us human. if this means being human then i want nothing to do with it. people who believe that tortue, and slaughter are benefitting science and that it is done in the name of furthering science have not evolved one single bit. i would’nt even compare them to dirt, for dirt has some use they do not.

  5. DritonGusia


  6. Kiran24

    @untilallarefree i completly agree. and I´m absolutely agreeing with the destruction of companys that earn their money at the expence of other species who are defenceless.

  7. NickGibson14

    @NinjaGhostScorpion How do you suppose?…Do you have some kind of Unlimited resource?…You aren’t there worst Nightmare, Your just someone they would hate, along with More than 70% of Americans Against Animal testing and Abuse. If you agree with Placing kittens on Electrified Metal Cages, Until they die of Electrocution, to develop new Cages. Or Placing Clips on Rabbits eyes to find out if A new Mouthwash Burns eyes, Then Enjoy your self in hell. Do your research, Watch the videos.
    Good day.

  8. NickGibson14

    @NinjaGhostScorpion There maybe certain medical advantages for the research, But Let me ask you, Do you Agree with Animal testing (which is torture) just for the sole purpose of some useless product like Perfume, Hair Spray, Makeup, etcetera? In recent studies they have proved that many animals have and Express complex emotions, and have feelings just like You and Me. Most have the intelligence of a toddler, So, If it were a toddler being put though painful tests for a product, would you agree?

  9. NinjaGhostScorpion

    @NickGibson14 You raise a valid point, as those products mentioned have no real beneficial use, But I was refering to a possible cure for the AIDS virus, for cancer, or for diabetes, which have cost people too many lost family members. The medicinal research I do support, as it will save lives. In addition to that, many of the animals they “rescue” are infected in one way or another, and that can lead to an epidemic. I know it’s fiction, but watch 28 Days Later, and you might see my point.

  10. NickGibson14

    @NinjaGhostScorpion I understand the research done is for a good reason, but What medical experts have realized, but Ignored, is Animals React Very differently with possible Vaccines used to treat injected Diseases than Humans. Have you heard of “Thalidomide”, A drug tested on 1000+ animals, With no side-effects. 10,000 Children from mothers who took the drug were born with severe deformities, because it effected us differently. I Respect your Opinions And mean not to argue, just talk.

  11. YuUlLiIaA

    Thanks you soooooo mutch for saving the animals! Go ALF

  12. jknex

    thousand of this ACTIONS !!!


  13. korner007

    Good job guys !

  14. llkdll

    great job! and good choice with pink floyd

  15. NinjaGhostScorpion

    Police officers stopping a bank robbery and/or hostage situation is heroism. Fire fighters saving a woman and her two children from a burning apartment building is heroism. A good samaritan tripping a purse snatcher also qualifies as heroism. What the Animal Liberation Front does is pure villainy. They express their hatred for humanity with every bit of medical research they heartlessly destroy. And that is why I believe calling the ALF heroes cheapens the very definition of the word!

  16. TotalEqualityForAll

    this is amazing! ALF will never fall! you are ALF!!!

  17. rettsmedisiner

    Animal testing is done for legislative purposes ONLY. It is an official government requirement and it is done to cover pharmaceutical companies in case there are serious side effects to the drug. ANIMAL TESTING HAS ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE IN MEDICINE!! Even 65% of vivisectors agree that it is not needed. Animals are killed because there is bureaucracy. But even if animal testing had scientific value, it would still be wrong and unethical. You are nothing but a spieciesist.

  18. normalguyable

    thank god for the alf, put the washington thugs who represent us in prison!!

  19. 194809IM

    Great job guys; 2 rabbits, 13 ducks, 2 rats, 10 mice, 9 hens/chickens and about 200 chicks. I was really starting to lose sleep about those 2 rats, I hope they enjoy their life running around the streets, contributing to society as a whole.

  20. telemarker93

    @194809IM free from pain and the life of confinement that they would have had in the lab. Live well.

  21. MissBarbarellaaa

    Mi commuvo!

    GRAZIE di cuore!

    In nome della liberazione animale e della terra azione diretta!