An Experiment: Please "FAVE" Me!

I have added a new button just below my archive links in the sidebar .. a button to add this PETLVR blog to your FAVORITES in Technorati.

I have been seeing “FAVE” links and buttons all around the internet on blogs, and not so inconspicuously placed anymore … so I hope I am not too forward. It’s just that I don’t use Technorati much and never really thought about this feature. In my own account .. I only have one person who has added me to their “FAVE” list.

Link Button: Add to Technorati Favorites

Text Link: Add to Technorati Favorites

PLEASE Click on the above link or button and add this blog … – [The Blog] .. to your Technorati Favorite List.

If you do this – I will know and come by your blog and add you as a “FAVE” in my own Technorati List!

* Let’s get some Technorati “FAVE” link love happening before 2006 is over … Pleeeeeeeeeeeze?

* I have added the above button up at the start of this page, below the header. Just in case you don’t have an account at .. well .. C’mon! Go create one so you can add me to your FAVE list! 😀

December 1, 2006 (after first 24 hours) .. No takers so far ..

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