American Staffordshire Terrier – Dog Training Video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training Video – American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as amstaffs are sometimes generalized as a pitbull. Learn about the American Staffordshire Terrier in this dog training video. Don’t forget to rate this video and leave comments. You can also subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. EnigmaDrath
    | Reply

    That’s kinda the same here in Holland. Staffies and APBT’s without pedigrees (every owner should have papers that prove their dog’s bloodline) are what they consider pit bulls here. If you are found to have a pit bull without papers the authorities can put the animal down (not always: depends on the situation. If the dog is well trained and no obvious threat they’ll let you keep it, though you will be ordered to have it spayed/neutered.)

  2. cassd87
    | Reply

    @evilyakko I own an American Staffy and have friends that own English staffys. My girl is 16 months old and from what I can already see and what I’ve been told, she will be taller and broader in the chest. She still has a lot of the staffy traits but is sooo tough. I’ve only ever heard her yelp once and she is so playful.

  3. intermitrj
    | Reply

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  4. TheRonron77
    | Reply

    is the amstaff banned in america or just the pitbull?

  5. lecheparavaka
    | Reply

    i have an 8 weeks old puppy and she bites me too often and too hard! what should i do?

  6. zHowiee
    | Reply

    @lecheparavaka thats what puppys do

  7. Grisha0711
    | Reply



  8. PeachLaBella
    | Reply

    @TheRonron77 i think the pits are only banned in Maryland because i had an amstaff

  9. steveljudkins
    | Reply

    thanks , good info.

  10. HAWX234
    | Reply

    @lecheparavaka so does my 1 year old staff she is lovely not fighting brown and white and would give anything for a nice belly rub

  11. snoopy22560
    | Reply

    there just pitbulls no difference

  12. 4eternityy
    | Reply

    @snoopy22560 no there is a difference. I’ve had a pittbul and they are tooo aggressive.. amstaff aren’t unless you make them… nor do they look the same. you can tell when a dog is pittbull or amtaff.. you must be an idiot if you cant tell the difference.

  13. snoopy22560
    | Reply

    @4eternityy wat ever you can try too sugar coat it there just fuckin pit types and they call them am staff for show just like the irish staff.. if any ones an idiot for being so fuck nieve.. i know wat im taking about.. and why do you get blue nose red nose so called am staff ?????? and why do amrican staff bannd under dangerouse dog’s act…… because there plain and smiple pit bull types… u cant get a red nose or blue nose staffs u retard looooooooooool

  14. 4eternityy
    | Reply

    @snoopy22560 LOl .. why dont you read your own comments and my previous, then if you arent really retarded you’ll see who sounds like a retard.. dumb idiot.

  15. TELEFOON87
    | Reply

    @4eternityy Pitbulls are NOT agressive. Its always the owners. Argressive dogs dont excist.
    Its not in their breed to BE argressive anyway !!! STOP dumbdowning this amazing dog.

  16. TELEFOON87
    | Reply

    I have one question hehe my mom is afraid of this dog.
    How can i let her now that that is not nessecary ??:D

  17. 4eternityy
    | Reply

    @TELEFOON87 What amazing dog? I wasnt even talking about the one in the video or anything? umm what the hell are you talking about? Ok you might have a point there. The one I had was born and raised first few months in an alcoholic abusive home too before I got it.. But there is a reason why pittbulls are banned in many countries now..

  18. MariaVana
    | Reply

    @TELEFOON87 If your parents are anything like mine, introduce her to an Amstaff without first telling her the breed of dog. Like most people she will fall madly in love because they truly are the best dogs in the world =] I’ve never met an overtly aggressive Staffy and I’ve met a lot of them. Once she sees what a great gentle obedient dog they can be she will hopefully no longer fear them

  19. MariaVana
    | Reply

    @snoopy22560 The only dogs I’ve ever been able to rely on are “bully breeds” I work in a barn with over twenty horses. Our three bullies including, an Amstaff, an american bull dog and a pit bull are all reliable with the kids, safe around the horses and the goat and are completely non-aggressive toward the cats. The pit bull was an inner city rescue and other than a little anxiety that causes her to lay flat on the ground and tuck tail, she’s a perfectly safe dog. Never blame the dog

  20. snoopy22560
    | Reply

    @4eternityy i have had pit bulls for years and have one now and they have never been agressive to people only dogs its not in there nature to attack humans… you pit bull must have fighjting lines or badly treated or rthere could just be somting wrong with the dog

  21. AvalanceGemballa
    | Reply

    Great video!

  22. kbreezymoua
    | Reply

    pit bulls are never NEVER “bully” or aggressve dogs! its ALWAYS the owner who trains their pit bulls. the dog is how he is because of its owner. i’ve had pit bulls all my life.. i’m 20, and not once have i had an aggressve pit bull. i’ve trained my dogs to be so freakin well mannered and they have not one bit shown aggressive-ness towards me or strangers! my dog is the best damn dog in the world! so don’t judge on what kind of dog they are.. blame the owner for not treating it right!!

  23. kbreezymoua
    | Reply

    btw, its hard enough finding a decent place to live because of owning a pit bull. so whoever out there that owns one, please show everyone who judge badly about our dogs wrong. please treat your dog as how you would want to be treated. they will forever love you.

  24. JorJayAng
    | Reply

    We are getting a pure bred am staff this weekend. I have always been a fan of the bully breeds, and feel they’ve gotten a horrible reputation particularity APBT’s and Staffies. I plan on immediately socializing her as much as possible, and start with obedience training ASAP. My goal is to use her as a good role model for what the breed can potentially be if treated right, and even as a therapy dog. So far WI doesnt have any laws against owning these dogs, and I hope to help keep it that way.

  25. wentz1502
    | Reply

    I have an amstaff & he’s great, but when he’s outside in the yard I can’t get him to mind me at all, its like I’m invisible. Do you have any tips on how I can get him to stop barking at people outside & mind me when he’s out there?

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