Amazing Rabbit Training Examples

I trained my Holland lop-eared rabbit Loretta to do lots of cute tricks, including run agility. Here are some clips of what she has learned. Training has gre…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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26 Responses

  1. Melina Gunnarsson
    | Reply

    OMG that was wery cute!!!!!!!

  2. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I use a combo of things. I go into all the details on the treats I use and how to create motivation in my DVD Bunny Training 101. This clip is an excerpt from that. The website for the DVD is listed in the text above.

  3. Camilla Stormont
    | Reply

    I’m curios, what do you treat with?
    Is it his food or?

  4. Matias Soto
    | Reply

    This video is amazing and sweet at the same time. Congratulations Barbara for all the skills your rabbit learned. I will try with mine!

  5. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I was told Loretta is a blue holland lop. Doing some training like you see in this clip will enhance your relationship with your bunny 🙂 He will definitely be more inclined to seek out your attention and companionship once he figures out you are a treat dispenser.

  6. Nathanlee0693
    | Reply

    OMG this is the FIRST rabbit i’ve seen the same colour as mine!! 🙂 although mines the opposite and sticks to being an individual 🙁

  7. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    My DVD Bunny Training 101 shows you all the steps to train your rabbit. You can find it on my website listed in the description.

  8. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    These clips are from DVD Bunny Training 101. The DVD explains in great detail how to train your rabbit. The rabbit in the video came to me as an adult and learned everything you see in the clip in two weeks. You can order the DVD from my website. We ship internationally and it is a universal format so plays in all countries. It will answer all your questions in detail.

  9. KatakRugged
    | Reply

    When did you start training your bunny? how long it takes for each training? how long it takes for your bunny to understand all the tricks? Coz I wanna train my bunny as well. But is it possible to train my bunny when he’s already an adult? He’s 1 yrs old already. I found it’s really hard to train a bunny. I’ve tried so many times/ways, still can’t make it. He doesn’t even know his name. I called him thousand times but he’s keep running away. Please help me 🙁 *And sorry for my bad English 🙁

  10. KatakRugged
    | Reply

    I’ve 1 yrs old mix breed bunny (Lionhead and English Angora). I’ve tried so many ways and tricks to train him. But it’s failure. Could you please tell me or any suggestion to make it works? Thanks.

  11. Horsey Lily
    | Reply

    wow. This is amazing! Please show us howw to do this! I wish I could teach my bunny how to do tricks like these 🙂

  12. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    To quote Bob Bailey….every animal is smart enough for what they are adapted to do.

    I think you underestimate the potential of rabbits ; )

  13. Jung Eun Kim
    | Reply

    since i had a rabbit and a dog, i can confidently say that dogs are smarter. thats how far rabbits can be trained…

  14. GuavaGuava100
    | Reply

    There is a great cartoon of two dogs saying “Every time I salivate I can get Pavlov to write in his notebook.” 🙂

  15. Wiktoria Cerkowniak
    | Reply

    You have a VERY clever bunny, my bunny know only four trick :C

  16. sayantony riki
    | Reply

    same with my rabbit..:(

  17. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Aw thanks, but I bet yours can learn a ton. Just start training and you will find your bunny is clever too ; )

  18. AnimalLover8699
    | Reply

    you hav e some really clever rabbit my rabbit dosen’t even know his name!

  19. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Yup ; ) That is exactly how it works……the bunny figured out how to make me dispense treats quite succesfully and look at the results! We are both well trained ; )

  20. WildBuck007
    | Reply

    You got this all wrong. The rabbit trained YOU! lol

    It knows that you will feed it treats for silly stuff. Thus out smarted you into giving all the handouts. MAUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaa….Bunny knows best!


  21. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    It is never too late : ) Rabbits are always learning…..just like us. We dont stop learning just because we get older.That would not be a very good survival strategy for any animal ; ) Give it a go! I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by what your rabbit can learn.

  22. daisychain_xx
    | Reply

    How old is too late to start training your rabbit?

  23. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    I just use the veggies from her daily diet. The DVD goes into more detail on different options rabbits prefer

  24. Mireya Mendoza
    | Reply

    What do you typically use for treats?

  25. ifeyanishaminya
    | Reply

    My previous rabbit always used to do that!

  26. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Thanks Chris! She has learned much more since this video was taken. They are such great learners aren’t they? I love my rabbit to pieces. She is a great member of the family.

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