All About Buying Horses

All About Buying Horses

By Jim King

It isn’t like going down to the candy store and picking out what you want. Neither is it like going to a pet store and buying the gold fish or the pretty little kitten that catches your eye. Buying a horse is serious business and you need to be aware of it before you go out and get one. Getting a horse is just the first step to a lot of care, expense and time. So let’s first take a look at what all can go wrong with a horse so you get a clear picture of what you’re in for.

First of all, horses eat a lot and you also need to be prepared to spend a lot on their grooming, bedding and tack. Besides this, you also need to have them shooed and make sure they get their vaccinations. But what is most important is how to buy yourself a good horse. For that, let’s do a process of elimination. Don’t buy a bad tempered horse as chances are he’ll always be that way. Some bite, crib, kick or chew the edge of the stall. Some are not trained and though they might just be okay on the basics, they would still be green broke which means that though they might let you put on the saddle, they would not be able to follow the signals a well-trained horse should know! Check the horse’s health as well. If the legs and hooves aren’t strong, all the horse could perhaps manage would be a slow walk around a ring carrying a child and not a fast gallop on a race track as you had fondly imagined.

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