Agility Dog Training

Agility Dog Training

By Amy Howells

Many people are interested in getting into agility dog training. This can be for many reasons. Some people need agility dog training so they can compete in the dog agility trials. Some people want to use agility dog training to better bond with their dogs. Other people just think agility dog training will get their hyper dogs nice and sleepy for the rest of the day!

Whatever your reasons are, agility dog training is quite a fun and tiring endeavor. But before you start your dog in agility dog training, there are some things you should know about what is involved.

Before you start agility dog training, you must understand a few simple things. Agility dog training is not for young puppies. In fact, it is best to start this type of dog training with a juvenile or adult dog.

This is because agility dog training requires that your dog know basic commands that are learned through most basic and intermediate dog training courses. Puppies are often too young to understand how to “sit” or “stay”.

Also, agility dog training requires an active dog and owner. You will not be sitting still during this type of dog training. So if you or your dog is not very active, then agility dog training is not for you.

Agility dog training involves teaching your dog to run an agility course. This agility course can have jumps, hoops, teeter totters, bridges, things to go over and under, etc. During the agility dog training, your dog will learn to go through the course as quickly as possible, while performing the course properly.

The dog must finish the course in order, not miss any jumps, etc. There is even a portion of the course where the dog must lie down and stay. This is why it is good to have some basic dog training before starting agility dog training. If your dog hasn’t had any basic dog training, you will have a hard time getting your dog to follow you and obey you through the agility course.

These are all of the important things you should know before you consider signing up for agility dog training. Be sure you can fit the course into your schedule, as most courses are at least 8 weeks long. The prices of the courses can vary, so check around.

If you think you can handle agility dog training, then you should sign you and your dog up. It is sure to be fun and a lot of great exercise. When you finish your agility dog training, both you and your dog are sure to want to go straight home and pass out on the bed!

Amy Howells is an expert dog trainer who owns a website dedicated to teaching dog owners the short-cuts to dog training.

You can also sign up to her free e-course and discover the astonishing short-cut secrets to dog obedience training

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