Adopt a Pet Fail

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

For more, visit

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. MetalAlchemistHeart
    | Reply

    @TheKaycen You got problems my friend :]

  2. ThePilotlover
    | Reply

    keep pressing 1

  3. Blueknightex
    | Reply

    @TheKaycen you trollin?

  4. Kingcorkscrew
    | Reply

    Hold down the six key.

  5. viorelnst
    | Reply

    she liked a little bit when dog was licking her ear :D….

  6. KingRobertBaratheon
    | Reply

    The lady chortling/cackling in the background is priceless.

  7. musicartist385
    | Reply

    i love these posts when failblog is still fucking funny

  8. Choremonsisimo
    | Reply

    Somebody Calls Cesar millan!”

  9. xxxXGuNzXxxx
    | Reply

    Hate dogs….

  10. 71to96
    | Reply

    dogs on ecstasy

  11. rjkahlon
    | Reply

    Its evident that those dogs did not want to be adopted

  12. bebo150592
    | Reply

    pets are lucky..!

  13. toooldforsex666
    | Reply

    Dogs: Obey your master

  14. almondcoconuts
    | Reply

    get some doggy!

  15. mjg032
    | Reply

    Why I never want a dog!

  16. J4K3xxTnT
    | Reply

    You can euthanize ERR I mean adopt these dogs by calling the number listed below.

  17. TheFatty2497
    | Reply

    OH!! Now that I’ve seen this. Sign me up!

  18. cjdstruction1
    | Reply

    dogs are a MAN’s best friend, not women lol

  19. irvinc101
    | Reply

    If I can adopt a dog, I’ll take that bitch on the left chair.

  20. MrJello43
    | Reply

    Nice dogs.

  21. youngsoldier93
    | Reply


  22. 0mg1tz4wh4l3
    | Reply

    i pitty my self because im from vancouver BC only a 45 minutes away from surrey spca

  23. 8jsimone
    | Reply


  24. 8jsimone
    | Reply

    @TheKaycen LOOOOOOL!

  25. dragonlord1689
    | Reply

    This is why i hate dog >.>

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