Adapting Snake and Other Reptile Cage Plans to Suit Your Needs

Adapting Snake and Other Reptile Cage Plans to Suit Your Needs

By Mark Chapple

Many if the people who make their own snake or other reptile cages adapt other designs or continue to improve on the designs they have already used.

When you adapt a cage design from basic plan you can use it to make a reptile or snake cage to suit your own needs. You may have a space that is not quite suitable for the size of the original design. You may want to adapt a half built cage, a closet or an old cupboard. You may want to make a specific length, height or width. You may have limited access to materials or you may have an existing stockpile of materials that want to use.

In all cases, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want the finished product to look like and how you are going to construct it.

Detailed plans can contain a lot of important information for building reptile cages, but you should remember they are not definitive. For example many people who have used the “How to Build Reptile Enclosures” book site have altered the plans, in some cases quite significantly, to suit their needs and their skills.

They all acknowledge the benefits of using the book as a launching point for their cage building. They also found it helped them think more carefully about how they might construct a snake or other reptile cage to suit their needs. Then there are the other requirements for reptile cages and care eg heat mats, basking lights, UV lights, misting systems, substrates, decorations such as artificial walls, artificial trees and branches, and how these can be made and placed in the cage.

The book also gives you valuable information about construction techniques, making cages stronger and some useful hints and tips.

The original plans have been many individuals as a starting point for their cages and then adapted them to suit their needs, materials and skills.

You also find tha once you have started to make cages and adpat designs tat your building and design skills improve substantially and you continue to make and adapt your ideas.

Many people do not want to adapt the cages but want to build them exactly as described. There is enough information to allow you to do that to. Either way, a plan is an important part of the building process.

The main thing is to have some fun building something for yourself and your pet (and save a bit of money).

Mark Chapple is the Author of “How to build enclosures for reptiles”. Find out how to build these cages as well as arboreal cages and other cage types. Full color pictures, detailed diagrams and 10 easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

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