Abie and Axel Von Barren Berg – Derek's newest puppies

Abie and Axel

Here are the two newest editions to our family, Abie (left) and Axel Von Barren Berg.

 Abie is a sable female, born April 2nd, and Axel is a black and tan male born May 28th. They share the same father, but seperate mothers.

Here is a picture of me holding them at three and four weeks of age.

As any puppies do, they have grown quite a bit over the last few months. Presently Abie is roughly 42 pounds, and Axel is a hair over 50 pounds.

They have been a handful but have taken to training pretty well. Crate and potty raining took only a few weeks at best and the rest is still a work in progress. They are both very smart and quite intuitive. Abie does have a much higher energy level then Axel does.

I will post more pictures of them as the weeks go on. If there is enough interest I will chronical their adventures with stories as well.

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