a Special Thanks from Pet Rescue by Judy

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


A Special Thanks from Pet Rescue by Judy. This video is dedicated to Sue Thomas Zalewski. Sometimes in life you come along side someone and you enjoy their company, their interests, their sparkle, and you feel fortunate. That’s how we felt about Sue Thomas Zalewski. Sue loved gardening, craft making and country music, but her passion was for rescued pets. She was always finding ways to help stray animals, often volunteering at rescue shelters as well as providing food and comfort to them wherever she lived. Is it any suprise that, after moving to Oviedo, she became a long-time avid supporter and volunteer with Pet Rescue By Judy? Despite several medical conditions that left her disabled and constantly exhausted, Sue gave her all to help our animals. She was always the one we could rely on to foster abandoned cats and dogs, drive them to vet appointments, to nurse and nurture them back to health, and then to lovingly say goodbye to them as they left for their forever home. Even when she was attacked by one of the cats and nearly lost her thumb due to the subsequent infection, she did not stop or slow down. Yes, she shared our vision and our passion, and we loved her. On February 15th, 2007, we were rocked to our core when Sue was shot and killed in her own home. She left behind her mother, siblings, four dogs, three cats and a huge hole in our hearts. We held onto her memory and hoped that would be enough. In September we found out it would not have to be. Her brother

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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18 Responses

  1. dontbother032

    This was the best I have seen yet! I am a volunteer with Judy and will do it as long as we can!

  2. prbj

    Thank you to all our supporters! So many have asked for updates on our situations. Here it is: still no land, no shelter, no Exteme Home Makeover. But we have lots of hope! Lots of signatures, lots of well wishers, lots of personal donations and two large private donations. We’re talking to local businesses and goverments about temporary and permanent solutions. We’re far from reaching our goal. You are the ones who keep us going and believing. Thank you!

  3. bdawyn

    As a volunteer, thanks for the inspiration and reminder about why we keep doing what we do! Love to Judy and all of her volunteers and donors…

  4. GiseleVeilleux

    It’s a shame that a total solution hasn’t been achieved by now, when so many are working so hard. Every day must be taunting to Judy. Maybe something will happen soon.

  5. susancarol225

    If there is any company with land or a vacant building who can help Judy and the animals, I know I would be a loyal customer of them for life, and tell all my friends. When choosing a product or service company wouldn’t we all choose the one that had the good heart to help Judy? Possibilities are endless, insurance, realty, manufacturing companies. We would be your loyal customers. I remember well the Massey Company and will never forget they helped the starving dog and called Judy to help.

  6. prbj

    Our wonderful Gisele is preparing another video for us with the goal of obtaining corporate sponsors for a Central Florida No-Kill shelter. When she does, we hope that everyone will forward it to potential supporters. What a win-win this would be! We would have a shelter and corporations would enjoy public goodwill. After all, who doesn’t loved dogs and cats? Who doesn’t want to help as many as possible find new homes? Supporting a shelter can do nothing but benefit a corporation!

  7. chlomo15

    I hope we are able to get a shelter. I know we can do it. I am also a volunteer for PRBJ and I love every minute of it. I can’t wait for the next video.

  8. prbj

    We only have 119 days left to find a shelter of some kind. At this point it seems unlikely we will have a permanent solution in place by then but, by golly, we need to have SOMETHING! Please, if anyone has a piece of property with electicity and water that we can put some temporarty steel buildings on, that will do us in the short term. Otherwise, come July, Pet Rescue By Judy may no longer exist. And that will mean the death of more pets in Central Florida. The clock is ticking……

  9. GiseleVeilleux

    Thank you! It was just published!


  10. dontbother032

    WOW! I loved it! I volunteer with Judy also and love, just love every single minute of it!

  11. prbj

    Hey Blondie! Isn’t that you on the video at minute 1:39? You’re terrific! None of this can happen without our volunteers and supporters!

  12. dontbother032

    Not me. That is Janice! 🙂 I am so much more whole now that I have my PRBJ family!

  13. oxford14

    Adopt one until there are none…

  14. prbj

    Please, spay and neuter your pets. Nothing would make us happier than for there to be no need for rescues like ours!!!

  15. Persiancandy1978

    People need to opt to adopt!!!

  16. harpijona

    at 2:51 he looks like my dog it looks the same like my dog… weard cuz he is not a pedigree….

  17. DavidRayDog

    This is a wonderful tribute.
    Much good luck to you on your efforts.

  18. prbj

    Thanks so much. Things are coming together. We have signed a lease and are expecting to move into a shelter early November! Check out our newest video, “Pet Rescue by Judy Looking For Some Top Dogs.” You’ll see my two “foster failures”, the white bulldog/bassett at minute 1:03 and black Lab/Basset at 1:30. Enjoy!