A Really Good Portable Pet Water Bowl That We Use

* The Portable Pet Water Bowl – http://www.waterrover.com/

It’s our last day on this Labour Day weekend out at the cottage, and it was our “Anniversary Weekend”, so I didn’t do too much blogging (although I did take my laptop here!).

But – we did do a lot of walking with the dogs and we had really nice and hot weather – and I tell you now – this new dog water bowl is probably the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to carrying water for your dog on walks!

Years ago, we used to have those waterproof square things with shoelaces attached that you “tie” closed. It was okay, but quite awkward to carry without spilling water all over your backpack, which you needed to carry! So what we normally have been doing is just carrying one of those bottled waters and letting the dogs drink out of the cap filled with water. Firstly – UCK (hey, it’s only dog tongue who lick you anyway) and secondly – it’s takes forever to satisfy their thirst, and you waste a lot of water.

Well we saw this new portable dog water bowl at our local Best West Pet Store and I think it was something like $12.99 CDN or so .. but it’s great. Here’s why:

* you can place ice cubes in there and keep the water cool
* It attaches to your belt while you are walking
* you just pop up the plug and pour water into a bowl that dogs will drink from
* its like an automatic water bowl! We were also leaving it outside as their water source
* when dogs are finished, you just put bottle upright and all water goes back into the bottle

There was only one issue with the bowl – when it is lying flat, the pop has to be bent around and hooked under the plastic belt forks so it wouldn’t be in the way of the dog’s eyes while they are nose-deep into the dish drinking water.

NO! This is NOT any paid advertisement or review … this is just a great invention to help you when you are walking your dogs, that I wanted to pass it along

Here are a few pictures





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