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In case you didn’t know this, you can subsribe to our RSS FEED by entering our feed address, http://feeds.feedburner.com/Petlvrcom-theBlog, into your favorite feed reader. I personally have a preference for Bloglines as my feed reader of choice, because it is an online reader and I use different computers at times and I like being able to look at my own subscribed feeds online. If you prefer not to use Bloglines, there are other links in our “Syndication / Blog Stuff” section in our Sidebar so feel free to sign up our RSS feed!

We use FEEDBURNER to keep track of our subscribers, and the apparent count fluctuates each day and is also shown in the “Syndication / Blog Stuff” section in our Sidebar. If you have your own blog, you probably know already that this count isn’t really an accurate count, but an estimate .. due to daily fluctuations, google and other search engines and bots, and subscribers that were scooping the RSS feed automatically before I started to redirect all to Feedburner.

We also have a small base of EMAIL Subscribers. In case you didn’t know, rather than bookmarking this site, or adding our RSS Feed to your news feeder reader program, …. you can have an EMAIL sent automatically by PetLvr.com whenever this blog is updated.


It’s quite simple, really .. there are two locations on our blog on every page in our Sidebar that you can do this ..

* Click that link in the Newsletter Section (in the middle there)

* Click that link in the Syndication / Blog Stuff Section (at the bottom)

Well, for the longest of times I’ve been posting articles here two different ways. Firstly, when I find them, and second in advance.

I was cleaning my own email IN box recently, and noticed that I had received an email from a subscriber asking me why I posted about 20 entries in one day .. and, also that the URL wasn’t working. I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about, so I signed up myself to find out what he meant. I modified the template last week to now reflect the “Answer” to that question…

NOTICE: We occassionally PRE-post articles with future dates and time, to ease the burden of posting many articles at once in [The Blog]. Unfortunately, all posted articles, pre-posted or not, are mailed immediately at the time of publishing, with our “Subscribe” plugin feature. If you seem to be flooded with articles in your email, may we offer an alternative … feel free to add our RSS Feed into your preferred feed reader of choice (there are options on our website as well):


Today, the email subscribers may have noticed that I had one of those .. D’oh! moments .. and I set my template to include the title of the article on the subject line, so you can see if it’s worth reading or not. I’ve pre-posted about 18 so far with this upcoming weekend, but I have about 900 unposted articles in my Bloglines that I am going through and want to post here in this blog, in advance. The posting are usually 3-4 hour intervals on alternating weekend days, and maybe 5-6 hour intervals apart on the weekends. If I don’t do it this way, I’ll never catch up!

If you are new to subscribing .. Just in case .. unblock email address …
hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

or filter subject containing …
PetLvr.com – [The Blog Update]

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