A Message From Bird Trainer Dave Womach

A message from bird trainer Dave Womach from www.birdtricks.com. Follow us! www.facebook.com/birdtricks and www.twitter.com/birdtricks. Learn how to train your bird by visiting www.birdtricks.com/s …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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11 Responses

  1. Fabihanski
    | Reply

    It seems those cockatoos have really grown on me

  2. chihuahuabulldog
    | Reply

    Sweet silly birds! Thank you for sharing. They always make me smile.

  3. zachJflatt
    | Reply

    Love the birds!

  4. Th3p0lic3
    | Reply

    Haha rock out

  5. irynaferrary
    | Reply

    Sooooo cute:)

  6. Fabihanski
    | Reply

    I just ordered your free DVD, expecting great things! Should be here in a
    week or 2 them I’m gonna watch It again, and again and again…

  7. Unnur B
    | Reply

    Don’t worry about it 🙂

  8. greengrendel
    | Reply

    you better be sorry! I’m addicted to your birds and I haven’t been getting
    my regular dose!

  9. lemonlime10fyi
    | Reply

    Do you guys live in Idaho? I just saw the ParrotFX Promo video, And saw
    Sliverwood. I freaked out because I’m moving to Idaho on Saturday.

  10. Charlie Johnsson
    | Reply

    loooooooooooooooonger videos please., especially with bandit. thank you

  11. pamela frew
    | Reply

    Love it when they do the Rock Out,lovely to see you on camera too Dave…

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