A Labrador Retriever Is A Mans Best Friend…and So Much More!

A Labrador Retriever Is A Man’s Best Friend…and So Much More!

By Sylvie Leochko

Labrador retrievers have been trained for special needs and tasks as well as companionship. Its good nature, patience and affectionate attitude are some of the numerous characteristics that make them so popular…especially with children.

This breed of dog is known to be patient, playful and patient with children and their unintentional rough approach at times, particularly when they are younger and that their motor skills are not as well developed as they will later be with time. It even becomes protective of children which make them ideal to have around your little ones.

This breed is also known as great hunting dogs because of their detecting and retrieving skills. As they are also great swimmers, partly due to their partially webbed paws, you can count on their performance during the hunting season.

Their sensitive nose allows them to have great detection skills which can also be used for detection work in the police crime unit. Rescue can also be part of their duties as they are strong, great swimmers as well as having good detection skills.

A Labrador retriever can also be trained as service dogs to assist people with special needs such as Autism, Epilepsy or any other seizures condition, visual impairment, physical handicap and so much more.

What kind of services can these dogs provide for people with special needs? Well, for people with Autism, they can bond with them and if they are non-verbal, they can understand and identify their needs in several areas. For physically handicapped people, they can retrieve certain things or do particular tasks for them. For the visually impaired, they are their eyes which also help to ensure the safety of its owner. Concerning people with Epilepsy or any other condition related to seizures, especially if they are not under control, these dogs are trained to feel the seizures coming and ask for help even before they happen as they recognize the signs.

As you can see, a Labrador retriever can be so much more than a man’s best friend. So before you get a dog, research the breeds as you could be surprises by the characteristics, qualities and skills that some breeds can have. Before I had a Labrador retriever, I thought they were too big to even consider having at home or around children. Now that ours passed away two years ago, I cannot wait to have another one for my young children. I know first hand how gentle Labrador retrievers are with children and now that mine are also affected by Autism and uncontrolled Epilepsy, my husband and I are even more convinced that this breed is the best one for the needs of our children and our own.

I used to be the former owner of a Labrador retriever that unfortunately passed away two years ago. Also having children with special needs has convinced even more about the positiveness of such a choice. If you wish to learn more about Labrador retrievers, I invite you to visit our site: http://labrador-retrievers.findoutnow.org

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