A Hassle-Free Way of Cleaning Up After a Pet

A Hassle-Free Way of Cleaning Up After a Pet

By Lizz Cassidy

Although my dog is by no means a puppy, he still acts like it most of the time. He’s a Wheaton Terrier, and boy, are those dogs high-strung. He is extremely excitable when people come to call, wants to spend most of the winter out playing in the snow, but by far his most favourite pastime is romping through the mud after spring and fall rains. This can, by all accounts, get to be quite messy, and letting him tear loose through the house after running through the mud can cause quite the disaster.

Cleaning him was always quite the ordeal. My dog’s a fairly big dog as far as Wheaton Terriers go, and he really does not enjoy baths. When he was quite a bit younger, I was able to wash him in the bathtub, but eventually he realized that he was perfectly capable of jumping out of the tub in order to avoid bath-time. So then, I had to resort to soaping him down in the laundry tub (lucky for me, he does not like jumping from heights). Have you ever tried lifting a large, heavy dog into a laundry tub? Not a pleasant experience.

Recently, I’ve discovered an ultra-absorbent cloth that just does wonders! Known as the world’s most absorbent cloth, Moose River’s chamois is a thick, durable fabric that can soak up liquid like a sponge. It’s great for bathing pets, and to clean up after pet accidents, because unlike sponges and paper towels, once it soaks up the water, it retains it and does not drip or leak. And the best thing about the chamois is that it is machine washable and thus, is re-useable for many years to come.

Now that I have my chamois, things are so much easier. With just a bit of warm, soapy water, it’s so easy to wipe my dog down! He doesn’t put up half the fuss, and I’m able to clean him just as well as if he had actually been in the bath. This works much better than regular clothes would – instead of just spreading the mud around, and rubbing it in even more, I’m actually able to take the mud and dirt off his coat.

This cloth also comes in so handy when my dog makes a mess in the house, whether it’s due to him tracking mud through the house, if he’s sick, or any other sort of doggy messes. Instead of going through a roll of paper towels to clean up after him (and we all know how easily paper towels rip when they’re wet, definitely not conducive to cleaning up messes on carpet), I use my chamois. I can use it with various cleaning products, and it doesn’t harm the chamois at all, and again it just picks up the mess instead of rubbing it even more into the carpet. Then, when I’m done cleaning, I just throw it in the wash and it’s all ready to go next time my dog decides to take a romp through the mud!

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