A Dog in the Snow

A Dog in the Snow

By Jake Rose

There is something magical about the snow. My dog Chloe knows it. She knows that the snow can be refreshing, that it can be fun and relaxing, that it can be exciting and a world of its own. She loves the snow, and most dogs do. It should be something you let your dog experience. It can be a healthy and enjoyable time for them.

Even when the snow is a foot or higher, brushing up against my dog’s belly when she walks, she loves it. She doesn’t see it as an obstacle as most people do. She sees it as a toy; she rolls around in it until she is covered and then shakes it all free. Chloe sees it as a snack; she’ll bite at the puffy snowdrifts as she runs around the yard and leaves a trail of cute paw prints. She also sees it as a friend; she’ll sit on the picnic table and just stare off into the world as her fur coat slowly becomes covered in snowflakes.

It’s all a game to dogs. That’s what life is to them. They don’t see our obstacles as obstacles. They gladly welcome new challenges as games. It is no different with snow. It is an exercise, a relaxation, a way for the dog to breath fresh air from the freshly fallen snow. Sure the weather can be cold, and you shouldn’t keep your dog out long, but brief explorations into the backyard of snow can be healthy for the dog.

When you’re out shoveling, bring the dog with you. They’ll get some fresh air and you might get some time to play with the dog. Even throwing a snowball or two might help get their blood going and muscles moving. Don’t let them be lazy pets just sitting in the house until Spring comes. They need to experience the outdoors in the winter more than just taking a bathroom break.

My dog for example loves snowballs. She loves them even more than any rubber ball you can buy at a pet store. She gets excited when I make one, quickly going into her pounce position, ready to attack the snowball, ready to run from it. You can never guess just what she’ll do. My dog will get excited by this rare event that one comes a few times the year. It will get her moving around the yard more than expected. I am sure many dogs will be quite interested in the snow, too.

Once it is in the air, you can only take a guess at what she’ll do. It’s hardly the same thing twice. Sometimes she’ll bite at it, catching what she can in her mouth. Others she’ll dodge so she can eat it when it lands. Even other times she’ll go wild and run around the yard in circles. That’s her way of telling me to throw more. And I do of course. Just seeing her have fun in the snow makes the experience of winter that more enjoyable for me.

I know my dog isn’t the only one that loves the snow. Neighbors’ dogs and friends’ dogs love it also and are just as wild as my Chloe. If your dog is playful, active and loves the outdoors, don’t leave them inside during the winter. Let them experience the snow and really enjoy themselves. All you have to do is find out just how long your dog likes to be outside in the snow and you will make it a winter of fun.

Jake Rose is an artist and writer from New England. He loves animals, nature, and all things creative.

This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.PetLovers.Com/ which is a site for Pet Forums.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jake_Rose

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