A Chihuahua’s Tale – The Ultimate Guide for Dumb Dog Parents (Dog Breed Information)

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This Chihuahua dog breed information guide is written in an easy to follow way that any inexperienced person (dumb dog parent) or child could understand. I have written this book in a lighthearted way using my own personal experience with the training and care of dogs and also incorporates many tried and true methods. In the book you will learn:

1. The origins of the Chihuahua.
2. How to find a puppy and what to do before and after bringing him home.
3. Their personality, size and special requirements.
4. The Chihuahua’s most common health problems.
5. How to feed, exercise and groom the Chihuahua.
6. How to train the Chihuahua and why.
7. Foods and other things your dog should not eat.
8. Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you enjoy reading and looking at the pictures in this guide. So many dog breed training guides become quite heavy reading and somewhat confusing. My book will give you the basics in a fun way.

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    This book tells you everything you need to know about bringing up a chihuahua and it is a delightful read. It’s written from the point of view of a cheeky chihuahua who knows what it wants (and needs) and how to get it, and have you the owner eating out of its cute paw. Everything is covered that a prospective parent (young and old) should know, from tips on training to good health habits and food.My kids love the book and have learnt a lot about getting theirnew dog and caring for it properly.

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