A Boxer’s Tale – The Ultimate Guide for Dumb Dog Parents (Dog Breed Information)

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You will find this book different to the average dog training, health, care, grooming books. It is being told by me, a Boxer dog (not getting confused with boxer – fighter) and I have put it in plain, easy to understand, English for all dumb parents. Even the smart children of the dumb parents could understand it. It will help the whole family to understand who I am and what I need.

I will teach you:

1. Who I am and what I’m like
2. How to find me
3. What to do with me when you bring me home
4. How to train me
5. How to feed, exercise & groom me
6. What you will get from me
7. What I will give you….and much more.

I even have some funny stories to tell and nice sayings about me. I will even take you to the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you enjoy my tale.

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    It’s a rare breed in a book these days:A Boxer’s Tale is an informative AND fun read, which really separates it from some of the howlers that try to do the same.Definitely recommend this guide for anyone interested in dog breeding, whilst having an enjoyable read at the same time.Highly recommended.*****

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