What's with the HART-Empire Network List in our Sidebar?

As you might have seen in the “PetLvr Links” pages and the occassional postings by myself … I have several blogs in existence. There is another pet related blog, a business blog, a family blog, a father-in-law’s business blog, a ‘picks’ blog and a blog with my crazy ideas and notions! All of these are my own blogs.

Welcome to the HART-Empire Network

PetLvr.com – [The Blog] is co-authored by several writers, including myself, and Ruth (SonjaHelga) Bird . Ruth also has several blogs in existence. There is a few other pet related blogs, a business blog, a lifestyle and writing blog and healthy products shopping blog.

Well, we were talking the other day and decided to band together and ‘Network’ ourselves and our blogs. While we are no super gadget blog or, unlikely to be sold for $$$ millions of dollars to Media Network conglomerate corporation … we hope that by linking our collective sites on all of our sites, we might be able to benefit from the occassional cross visitor and reader of our blogs to the other.

You can read more details by clicking the first link in this article or visiting http://HART-Empire.com for more details. If something like this interests you .. drop me an email … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

Take care.

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