9.27.2007 – Video – Animal Disaster Relief: Guadalupe Peru

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse
This is one of many G-Rated animal rescue stories found on YouTube.com and and part of the 9.27.2007 Blogging Against Animal Abuse Campaign – PetLvr Videos. If you know of a worthy (and G-Rated) Pet Rescue video that showcases the positive results and efforts of volunteer individuals and organization who help stop animal cruelty and abuse … then, please forward this link to .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. with subject reference .. 9.27.2007

* From the Disaster Animal Victims of Peru Earthquake Need Our Help Now blog …

…”Multiple small charities have been mmanaging the rescue effort. Recently Best Friends stepped in and we are thrilled! Meanwhile, the rest of us are in dire financial need to continue saving lives. Please donate at www.amazoncares.org. we are sharing donations. You’ll also see pics. and get field reports”

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