9.27.2007 – Types of Animal Cruelty

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What Constitutes Abuse ?

If a living sentient being (human or non-human animal) is forced into slavery, food production, entertainment, medical research, product testing, fighting, racing, or if that being is used for indulgent items such as fur, or being killed in the name of predator control or wildlife control, chances are that living sentient being is abused.

What Is Neglect?

… Neglect is not easily defined because it can take different forms from blatant cruelty to subtle unintentional indifference. Or can even be ignoring someone else’s cruel acts. Once we are aware of abuse to any living being, it is our moral duty to speak up, even if it’s done anonymously.


Pet-Abuse.com provides a graph to illustrate the most common animals based on the cruelty type you select. The statistics represented in their graph reflect animals connected to particular crime types, and in some cases the animal was not a victim of that particular cruelty type. The information is

Types of Animal Abuse

* Beating
* Beatiality
* Burning – Caustic Substance
* Burning – Fire or Fireworks
* Choking / Strangulation / Suffocation
* Drowning
* Fighting
* Hanging
* Hoarding
* Kicking / Stomping
* Mutilation / Torture
* Neglect / Abandonment
* Other
* Poisoning
* Shooting
* Stabbing
* Theft
* Throwing
* Unclassified
* Unlawful Trade / Smuggling
* Unlawful Trapping / Hunting
* Vehicular

Most Common Animals in Cases by Pet-Abuse.com


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18 Responses

  1. brooke
    | Reply

    i think what people are doind to animals is so cruel because i have a dog and we think she was abused at the vets

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    That’s a pretty powerful statement brooke .. as Vets usually like to help animals. Although, I sometimes think they might abuse our wallets, I would hate to think that they abuse our pets. But, if you do think this is the case, there are probably organizations that can investigate.

  3. caity
    | Reply

    i was wondering what you can do to help an abused pet!?

  4. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    caity .. there’s lots you can do if you know of a pet that is being abused. Tell someone (your parents and other adults firstly, pet agencies, authorities, etc) and try to help the animal first. Be sure that the animal is being abused, rhan just reporting on someone because you don’t like th or to get even.

    Check out some of the links in my Pet Abuse pages

  5. amy neyland
    | Reply

    i think animal cruelty is wrong. stop doing it because animals dont deserve anything but respect. they didnt do anything to us, thats why we shouldnt be doing anything to them but loving them.

  6. amy neyland
    | Reply

    do you want dogs to be on chains all their life. if not sign my piczo wall. go to … amyleegagnemearow@hotmail.com and say ” take animals off chains”. maybe we can all make a chain to a dogs life. !!

  7. Zombie
    | Reply

    Animal abuse in my opion is wrong D: That’s why I’m going to be a humane officer once I graduate to help them out. I already have a school in mind too, not sure though.

  8. paytonia
    | Reply

    I love animals and i am going to be a animal cop

  9. paytonia
    | Reply

    I love animals and i want to be a animal cop

  10. lambert
    | Reply

    ok im in 8th gtrade and i have to do a report about animal abuse do u think that u mite give me some websites for this cause? i need to finish it in about 2 weeks i really need ure help. i want all of the animal abuse to stop what kan we do about it?

  11. chile
    | Reply

    I think i abuse a animal cause once i kick a dog in the head and since then i had this feeling that i don’t need to abuse animal but to help them so how can i get involved so i can help stop animal abuse

  12. chile
    | Reply

    i hate animals

    • Destiney
      | Reply

      no reason to hate them

  13. Ashley H.
    | Reply

    Animal abuse is incredibly wrong, someone needs to speak out for them because they can’t speak up for themselves. when i graduate from college i will be a humane law enforcement officer.

  14. Katja Puschnik
    | Reply

    I can’t believe a person could abuse a pet. All pets just want to be loved.

    A girl was filmed hurling puppies into a river recently. I can’t imagine what would have compelled her to do that!


  15. tay tay
    | Reply

    i think that the chinese people r the worse out of all people im mean… skinning animals alive is just the worse thing anyone could do really how would they like it if animals started pulling all there skin of n leaving them out to rot cause man oh man i would luuv 2 do that to them and it might just teech them on how animals feel…i recon if animals would speek we would leave well enough alone

  16. Destiney
    | Reply

    I have seen animal abuse the causes and effects are absolutely terribly i have a dog of my own and i couldnt picture her being a victim…If you can beat or abuse an animal its cause your weak and cant boss nobody else around besides a animal people needa grow up…how would they feel if they got hit or burned

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