9.27.2007 – The Connection Between Me And Zoey

This story was submitted by Kathleen B from “Massage For Adults” .. and part of the 9.27.2007 Blogging Against Animal Abuse Campaign – PetLvr Stories. Kathleen responded to one of my introductory posts around my network (on Battling For Health: Stress blog) and it’s never to late to tell the world how you rescued your pet and made its life better!!

And, if you have a similar “pet rescue” story .. please email it to .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. with subject 9.27.2007 .. I will post your story in here!

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet AbuseI got my dog Zoey from the kill shelter. I lost a dog to a brain tumor and had room for the next so set out to rescue someone.

I went to the shelter daily specifically looking for a dog that had no takers on the list. I signed up for a few but knew they had a good chance because of all the people ahead of me.

Then one day I saw Zoey. I have no idea how I missed her on previous days. She was staring right at me with her head completely turned and pressed again her cage door.

She had no one signed to take her plus she was past her adoption date. What that usually means is she would have been destroyed but in this instance they weren’t overcrowded so she was spared a few more days.

I snatched her up. It wasn’t easy though. She went to get spayed (mandatory). She had a fever. She went to sick bay for treatment of kennel cough and I visited her everday. She finally got spayed and came home with us. I’ll never forget how she bolted out of there and didn’t look back…straight to the car. That was about eight years ago.

We’re totally connected. I’ve always felt it was meant to be.

Here’s a picture of Zoey


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3 Responses

  1. kab625
    | Reply

    Zoey certainly is a beautiful girl!

    Signed: Zoey’s mom (lol) Thanks for making her “famous”.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Oh .. with that rebel skull and BONES cap .. it was inevitable that she would become famous .. 🙂

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