9.27.2007 – Summary – Blogging To Stop Animal Cruelty And Pet Abuse

Bloggers Unite

As 9.27.2007 closes .. I am summarizing all of today’s posts in one easy-to-find list of entries. All of these posts comprise my entry into the BlogCatalog’s Bloggers Unite Challenge .. which is to bring awareness to a type of abuse and blog about it. I have chose to blog for a good cause, to stop animal cruelty and pet abuse. Please take the time to read each article and follow any links that may be listed in there. By all means, this isn’t an all-exclusive answer but, I hope there is enough resourceful information to give every ‘Earthling, Who Loves Animals’ an upper hand in making our lives better by making our pets lives better. Thank-You for reading PetLvr.com – [The Blog].

Introductory Postings About The Topic

I decided to participate in this challenge on Sunday, September 23rd. Bringing awareness to stop animal cruelty and pet abuse is a tough subject. On the one hand, it’s hard not to walk down the street and NOT see headlines about the very visible publicized cases (e.g. Michael Vick) or see in-your-face images the brings tears to one’s eyes of extreme abuse and mutilation or killing of cages animals (e.g. holocaust like images of monkey or chicken’s last breath).

My blog here is a G-Rated blog – and rather than display the negativity surrounded with this topic, I wanted to accentuate the positive side. I thought it would be a great idea if readers wrote in and told their story how they saved an animal who was being treated with cruelty, or was abused .. or just plain rescued a pet from homelessness, disaster or othe unnatural events. Well, that’s what I was hoping.

* Blogging For A Cause Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life

* Still Looking for Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life

* Countdown 2 Days Remaining – Call For Help continued

* Greetings! Today I am Blogging To Help Bring Awareness To Animal Cruelty And Pet Abuse

Pet Rescue Stories Received

I received in total only 5 emails to answer my request for positive pet rescue stories, of which only 1 was actually a story, and the other 4 emails were asking what to write about .. or that it was a good idea. My wife was kind enough to start the ball rolling with her pet rescue story!. If you still want to proudly tell the world of your own Pet Rescue story, I still invite you to post your story in the comments of this post.

* How We Rescued Zeus The Cat

* My New Little Sweet Rescue Pup – Bella

* Paulie The Katrina Border Collie

* The Connection Between Me and Zoey

Donate To The Cause! and Resourceful Information

There are so many places to donate to help stop animal cruelty and pet abuse. Personally, I tried to obtain a few ‘Paypal’ donate-now buttons for the Humane Society or WSPA to be displayed on my site during the day and the future, but my local Humane Society is in the process of moving locations, and well .. it just takes more time to set things up with the bigger organizations. All the organization take major credit cards and will welcome your Donation. I know that a lot of bloggers monetize their sites and have Paypal accounts .. and, sometimes it would be easier to solicit donations if a blogger could just make the impulse and Pay Now the donation. You can even create subscriptions with Paypal, and I hope the larger organizations recognize this untapped pool of possible donators.

I have created a new “PetLvr’s Pet Rescue Links” page that I hope will be a dynamic and growing bookmark page, to help find the pet rescue organization to donate. As I also mentioned in one of the articles, you can donate something other than money .. you can donate your time and become a volunteer. Ask your local shelter what you can do to help!

Also, I have agreed to match all the earnings that the HART-Empire Network earns today, 9.27.2007 … and double it .. and send it to a charity to be nominated later. I have created an Amazon Store Link special for this event. I will keep this store open and whatever proceeds it generates by the end of the year, I will also donate separately in 2008.

* Buy Amazon Products Here At My Store Because I’m Donating All My Proceeds To Charity

* UPDATE: October/2007 – PetLvr donates to WSPA Charity

* Join The Global Initiative To End Animal Cruelty – Sign The Petition

* My Efforts to Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse – Is It Enough?

* WHS Ad – September 27, 2007 – Please Adopt Me!

* Types of Animal Cruelty

* Preventing Animal Abuse

* 7 Helpful Articles Every Pet Owner Should Read At Least Once

* PetLvr’s Pet Rescue Links

Some heartfelt Videos out to the Volunteers

There are tons of videos out there on YouTube and other video sites (google, metacafe, etc) that have related pet cruelty and pet rescue stories .. I chose a few that I thought were in good taste and are G-Rated. If you have a positive G-Rated video to recommend, please do so by adding it in the comments below.

* Video – Katrina Heroes

* Video – New Hope Cattle Dogs Tribute
* Video – Animal Disaster Relief: Guadalupe Peru

In Conclusion

In conclusion .. there is no conclusion. There is nothing anybody can do to suddenly stop all animal cruelty and all pet abuse. But, we can work together and help minimize this to almost nothingness. It takes very little to make a difference, and globally – I think we can.

I hope you have enjoyed these links today .. on 9.27.2007 as the worlds “Bloggers Unite”

Honourable Mentions

I would like to point out a few other sites now, that have either helped PetLvr.com promote this event, or have also contributed to the “Blogging For A Cause” challenge, on the same topic – To Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse. Please stop by their sites, leave a comment and tell ’em HART sent ya! ๐Ÿ˜€

* 4theloveofanimals.com/blog
* bbMarketplace.blogspot.com
* CorgiTime.com
* CoveringFlorida.blogspot.com
* CuriousAnimals.net/news
* g2bGreen.com
* helpmehelpanimals.blogspot.com
* myPetBlog.wordpress.com
* natureshows.blogspot.com
* politicrogue.com
* sandieGoDogBeach.blogspot.com
* ScribbleOnTheWall.com
* SmartWealthyRich.com
* socceroverload.com
* Successful-Blog.com
* TrendFurFriends.com
* WriteOnTheInternet.wordpress.com
* WritingNag.blogspot.com
* xanga.com/dead_cockroach

I’m sure there are more of you out there and if I missed anybody, please send me an email or private message to let me know and I will update this list! Meanwhile – as time goes on, you might want to check the following links for NEW posts since this post was created, as left with the people who are great in keeping up current lists for everybody to read!

* BlogCatalog.com/group/ (Summary Here!)
* Topix.com/forum (Summary Here!)
* BlogsRecord.com (Summary here!)

Thank-You All


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