9.27.2007 – Still Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal's Life


* See also this post

I received an email from a “PetLvr” reader who thanked me for choosing to blog about animal cruelty and pet abuse, but wanted to let me know that she wouldn’t be visiting my blog that day – in case I were to post any dreadful pictures of abused animals .. she wouldn’t be able to take it.

I would like to point out, that in over 2800 articles here at PetLvr.com – I have specifically chosen to NOT post these types of pictures, videos or articles. Regardless how effective such images might be for other sites to use that will invoke action from the reader (and possible donation).

I agree, and do not think it is right for bloggers and sites like mine (“G”-Rated) to publicly display potentially offending images, where the reader was not specifically and knowingly prepared to see such images. And, I will continue this policy in the future, and while Blogging For A Cause on 9.27.2007

Yes! I Will Be Posting Only Positive Stories On Wednesday Thursday!

Please make an effort to drop by on September 27, 2007 and read some of the entries that I have been receiving and will be posting throughout the day. Besides a few resource posts .. I will try to spread out in separate posts each entry that I receive throughout the day starting from 00:01am to 23:59pm! All posts will be summarized on a separate page here at PetLvr Blog .. so that’s two links if you have a website to be included!

ALSO: If you, too .. are Blogging For A Cause on September 27, 2007 … to stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse .. please post your blog’s URL in the comments below .. and I will make sure that you get linked back to your site on Wednesday Thursday!

My next post will be a sample of one type of rescue story that I hope readers feel free to share.

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