9.27.2007 – PetLvr.com Donates to WSPA.ca

Bloggers UniteOn 9.27.2007 .. during my “Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse” campaign .. I promised:

From the entire day .. I have decided to DONATE 100% of the revenues that my ENTIRE HART-Empire Network earns on Thursday September 27, 2007 to a Pet Related Charitable Organization (to be named later).

This includes:

* 100% of all commissions earned from the sales of Amazon Products generated by my readers entering Amazon.com (see above and in sidebar) on September 27, 2007.
* 100% of all google adsense earnings earned on September 27, 2007 on all my sites.
* 1/30th of the total Text Link Sponsorship links I expect to earn in the month of September 2007 from Text-Link-Ads and Linkworth.
** >> Then, I will match this amount with a donation of my own to double up the amount!

Well .. on 9.27.2007 I only earned $2.90 adsense and $109.70/30= $3.66 text link sales for the month .. and no one had purchased anything from any of my Amazon Stores, yet alone the one at the bottom of this entry πŸ™ so, if I followed what I said I would do, I would have ended up donating only $13.12.

But – I just published my earnings for the month of September 2007 over on http://HART-Empire.com so this is what I have done this morning:

* Total Earnings for month of September 2007 – $704.35 USD
* Average daily earnings – $704.35/30 = $23.48
* Doubled – $23.48 x 2 = $46.96

I just rounded that figure UP to $50.00 and donated this amount to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (Canada) – http://wspa.ca – in my name (so I get a tax deductible receipt) from PETLVR.com


You Can Still Contribute

PetLvr.com challenges each one of you to help stop animal cruelty and pet abuse. You can donate to your local humane society or national or international societies for the prevention of animal abuse, or even from any of your local organizations that might be found on my PetLvr’s Pet Rescue Links page or in your local neighborhood. We all can make a difference, if we all make a difference!

Please go back and read the articles posted 9.27.2007 in this blog, summarized in my post called 9.27.2007 – Summary – Blogging To Stop Animal Cruelty And Pet Abuse and find out how you can help.

PS: I am keeping this store graphic in my sidebar .. if you plan to purchase anything for XMAS GIFTS or Halloween at Amazon .. please consider accessing the Amazon site from this graphic. All commissions earned and generated from this code will also be donated to a good cause.


Blogging For A Cause: All commissions earned via this code will be donated to a Pet Related charity

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2 Responses

  1. Kimberly
    | Reply

    Every little bit counts, though. I run a small-scale rescue – so that’s a lot for us, but I’m sure they appreciate it greatly. πŸ™‚

    Nice site, glad I found my way here. *bookmarks*

  2. mr Lhasa Apso
    | Reply

    This is great againt animal abuse they need a voice US!


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