9.27.2007 – My New Little Sweet Rescue Pup – Bella

This story was submitted by Alissa from Trends Fur Friends .. and part of the 9.27.2007 Blogging Against Animal Abuse Campaign – PetLvr Stories. If you have a similar “pet rescue” story .. please email it to .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. with subject 9.27.2007 .. I will post your story in here!

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet AbuseThis is my new little sweet rescue pup, Bella. Bella and her siblings were brought into a high kill shelter in San Diego County and because their mother passed along demodex manage (a non-contagious and very treatable condition), they were put on death row and slated to be destroyed.

Thank God for Heather from the Sarah Ford Foundation located in San Diego CA. She personally visits our shelters to save the animals
she knows are adoptable but have been dealt an unlucky hand. Because shelters are so overfilled with unwanted animals, they will use any medical reason to destroy them so they can make room for more unwanted pets.

The Sarah Ford Foundation rescues animals, provides medical care and then find good homes for adoption. All are animals that would otherwise be euthanized because of their undesirable predicament of being homeless, abused or ill. Minor injuries or medical problems would hinder them from being considered adoptable at the local animal shelter.

Not many people in this world have the strength to face the sadness in the eyes of the homeless, abused and unwanted animals daily. But Heather and the Sarah Ford Foundation have a mission “Striving to Save the Savable”

I am so happy that Bella and I found each other. At 5 months old Bella is the most wonderful, happy and well adjusted puppy. Her doggie brother & sister, Riley & Bailey and every human she meets adores her!!

My website http://www.trendsfurfriends.com offers apparel featuring beautiful animal rescue artwork by Marie Mason. And for your pets, the new Soft-E Collar, a more humane alternative to the Elizabethan Collars. No more plastic lampshades!

A share of the profits from the sale of the merchandise is donated to animal rescue and adoption organizations. View the donations made to date at http://trendsfurfriends.com/donations.htm

Trends Fur Friends
Dog & Kit-Tees with a Purrr-pose

Here’s A Picture of Bella


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