9.27.2007 – My Efforts To Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse – Is It Enough?

Bloggers Unite

I would like to think I do my little part to help stop animal cruelty and pet abuse, with the efforts of my blogging and this blog in particular …
PetLvr.com – [The Blog]
whose tagline is …
For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals

We have 3 pets .. one cat named Zeussie Pussy Cat, which we rescued from the Winnipeg Humane Society .. and two Papillon dogs named Maxxie and Sophie, who are purebreds and obtained from a breeder.

I am, by all means.. NOT a pet expert – nor do I claim to be. My philosophy has always been simple .. Every trainer or expert out there that claims to know how to stop a dog from barking or jumping or playing or running … well – is wacko and a liar! Sure, some things work – for some animals – in some situations. But, it’s not an end-all solution to every animal problem in the world.

That’s why I have been posting many articles that are related. Maybe one tip or suggestion how to get your dog to stop barking might work for some, I have been trying to post as many similar articles that can give you a choice and options and MORE suggestions to how to stop your dog from barking. Perhaps, while one method would never work for you .. you might find someone else’s method does help.

And, that’s pretty much my effort in a nutshell .. I wanted to create a blog filled with resourceful and useful tips for everybody. Some may not be for you, I accept that .. but may be useful to others.

As for the animal cruelty and pet abuse .. I am aware of it. I think everyone is aware of it, and I can only say that some of the commercials and videos we see by agencies are sometimes border line on ‘good taste’. I think everybody should at least see one of these videos – once – to really believe that in the world this is happening right now and animals are being abused and human beings are being cruel to their pets. I just don’t want you to come here looking for tips on how to get stop your dog from digging in your garden and be exposed to this.

For that reason – I will never post those really awful types of videos in here or pictures .. and I am not going to start today on 9.27.2007

The other day, on the way to work .. my wife was driving down the road and saw a dog in the middle of a busy street, and other cars were honking the horn, and swerving around not to hit the dog. My wife stopped her car in the middle of traffic and approached the dog to move him to the side of the road and, or maybe rescue him. Fortunately, the owner saw all of this and ran out and called the dog back off the road at the last minute. That’s the way my wife is! She has a great big heart for animals and always wants to help. In fact, although in recent weeks, she is pushing to help an affenpinscher .. the truth of the matter is that we just don’t have the space to become a dog shelter in our home .. and I’m the only one home during the day and can’t take proper care of many animals. Sure – I would like to donate as much as I can to charity, and usually donate something, but I just can’t afford to do that either.

If you are a pet related agency looking for free publicity on this blog about an upcoming event .. I will gladly post your message .. please email me .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com with your needs.

I feel glad in a small way that I have been posting weekly “Please Adopt Me” posts for the Winnipeg Humane Society since October 2005 .. I hope in my small efforts, that some of these animals were rescued and adopted and found through my blog – but, it’s all about the animals.

If you are an animal shelter and want to place similar ads weekly or monthly or just once in a while .. I will gladly post your message .. please email me .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com with your needs.

I often wonder if I am doing enough to help .. and I hope everybody can ask that same question too.

I just want to say that I truly believe if that you can judge a character about how good you are to animals. Even if you do not rescue a pet, or save an animal from a burning building, or donate all your spare savings to a pet shelter, help the volunteers out at the many pet rescue shelters around the world .. or ……..

Well … treat your pet like he (or she) is the king (or queen) of your world. Make sure he has no fleas! Groom his hair on a regular schedule. Check for ticks. Take him to see a Vet annually for a regular checkup. Walk him. Don’t overfeed him. Talk to him. Play with him. Teach him. Make his life a living joy … and I’m confident your life will be filled with joy too!

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