9.27.2007 – Buy Amazon Products Here At My Store Because I'm Donating All My Commissions Earned September 27, 2007 To Charity

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Blogging For A Cause: All commissions earned via this code will be donated to a Pet Related charity

On Thursday, September 27, 2007 .. I will be blogging to .. Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse.

From the entire day .. I have decided to DONATE 100% of the revenues that my ENTIRE HART-Empire Network earns on Thursday September 27, 2007 to a Pet Related Charitable Organization (to be named later).

This includes:

* 100% of all commissions earned from the sales of Amazon Products generated by my readers entering Amazon.com (see above and in sidebar) on September 27, 2007.

* 100% of all google adsense earnings earned on September 27, 2007 on all my sites.

* 1/30th of the total Text Link Sponsorship links I expect to earn in the month of September 2007 from Text-Link-Ads and Linkworth.

** >> Then, I will match this amount with a donation of my own to double up the amount!

Please Watch This Space on Thursday September 27, 2007 And Surf Our Archives

Bloggers Unite

* Sponsored by: BlogCatalog
* WHEN: September 27, 2007
* WHERE: HERE! At PetLvr.com – [The Blog]
* WHAT: Bloggers Against Abuse – Bloggers around the world will blog about putting an end to some sort of Abuse (they decide what kind of abuse to blog about)

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