7 Things To Teach Your Dog!

How to teach your dog tricks! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at http://www.BarkBox.com/DogTraining

Let’s see how Jacob the rescue dog is doing! We’ll cover how to train dogs hand signals and see how hop, stay, roll over, play dead, spin, shake, leg weaving and come around are looking!

Jacob’s playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmP8F3r9Bu8R6d_l4RZp7HD

How to train Shake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRoDTUkzVpU

How to train your dog to roll over and play dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMRRLUyAIyw

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. Tara S
    | Reply

    I wonder what happened to Jacob’s back? :-/

  2. XxBloodGoddessDaGamerxX ?
    | Reply

    My puppy barks a lot. Sometimes I'm not sure whether he is barking to use the bathroom, if he just wants to play, or if he just wants someone to be there. Is there a way that I can know what he wants? Thanks.

  3. Saharibari
    | Reply

    Hi, i'm finally getting a dog of my own in a few weeks, and have to drive for 11-12 hours to pick her up. On the way back home, I would like to stop at many different locations (beaches, lakes, snow, forest, city) and let her explore and stuff. We will also be staying at a cabin in the mountains, about halfway home, for a week and get to know each other. Do you think its a good idea to expose her to many different settings so early on (9 weeks old)? Can it be harmful and cause stress, seeing as she doesn't even know me?

  4. jared babe
    | Reply

    What do you do to train a dog who doesn't easily give their attention. Even with treats my dog just looks around everywhere or sniffs the ground

  5. Being Bud Entertainment
    | Reply

    Hey Zak watch my doberman do push ups…please hit like if you liked Ellie.

  6. 路比sandbag
    | Reply

    do you have any opinions on the kong feeding toys?

  7. Carlos Enrique Epp
    | Reply

    Guys, after snooping around in the web, I found something that might be useful to you. Go check it out. It's about Dog brain training lol. Should be interesting
    http://bit .ly/UniqueTrainingForDogs

  8. Magicme79
    | Reply

    Can confirm. My dog came from a shelter and is the greatest dog in the world!

  9. make money online
    | Reply

    “Since using Brain Training for Dogs my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It’s not about “commanding” that they perform a behavior, it’s about getting them thinking. I really love this approach to dog training and my dogs do too!” if you need this program click here : https://bit.ly/2PqoAbB

  10. Raghvendra Singh
    | Reply

    Sir can you add captions in hindi

  11. Dark Gaming
    | Reply

    Can u help me my husky is licking his poop 🙁 yuck help me

  12. Melissa Forbes
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for the great videos! They are helping so much! Are there any videos on aggressive behaviors when I have visitors. My Great Pyrenees, Kiya and I (and visitors) NEED help…..we’ve had three trainings to no avail. HELP…..

  13. Julie Boeck
    | Reply

    Jacob's such a good boy!

  14. Jacqueline RN
    | Reply

    What type of treats do you recommend for diabetic dogs?

  15. Emily J
    | Reply

    Hi zak I need some help with my 90 lbs boxer lab mix who I am trying to train to be my Mobility service dog he has a problem excessive barking. I have tried your speak and quite technique and those results didn't last long. I would like for him to speak but still quite down when asked indoors and out.

    Here's an example when outside he is very reactive to everything around him people dogs creatures cars all of it. I have been working with him and I'm able to get him to stop lunging most of the time however I can't get the barking under control. I really don't mind if he does bark because it kind of gives me a sense of security when I'm out on a walk with him however I would like to be able to tell him to stop and keep walking calmly no matter what the distraction is can you give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  16. RainaWilde
    | Reply

    Zak – We REALLY need help with our puppy's biting issue. After we've been playing for a while (like 30-45 minutes or more in most cases) our 12 week old corgi becomes super aggressive, snarling and biting at my legs (like all the way above my knees). Usually it's a few seconds after he seemingly becomes disinterested in playing. He rips my pants and it obviously hurts when he bites. He does NOT know the meaning of NO or no biting. Or maybe he does and he just doesn't want to obey. We've tried everything we can think of to get him to calm down and respond to us when we tell him no/stop/leave it in this circumstance. For a couple of days, it worked if I evened my tone and looked at him, telling him calmly "no, Ponyo – you do not behave this way…" and I would keep talking in that maternal tone, and I'd go from a stern tone to a softer tone, incorporating a few "no barking"'s into the little speech. That switch in tones helped him go from aggressive to humble? He would actually lay down and calm wayyy down as well. He would even put his head in my hand (submissively, with ears back and big guilty puppy dog eyes) to let me pet him.

    Well, that was last week and now that is not working either. He doesn't care a bit if he hurts us (my bf and I). We've tried clapping and separately, yelping, but he's very reactive and it riles him up more. We've tried putting him in a time out, but he runs away now when he knows he's being bad, so we don't want to chase him because we know that will make it worse too. We've tried rewarding for good behavior (treating for a sit/down/whatever else), but he learned to be bad so he could then be good and get a treat. Corgi's are so dang smart! I'm very concerned that this snarling/growling/biting is past puppy behavior and into actual aggression, and we really need help to figure out why he's suddenly becoming a terror when we are spending a TON time playing and training with him. Ponyo just aced his puppy obedience graduation on Saturday. He was the youngest, but the best in the class. We'll be starting the intermediate class soon. We're willing to put in all the time and effort it takes to get him past this phase! Help, Zak! What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

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