6 Tips For Dog Training – How to House Train a Dog

6 Tips For Dog Training – How to House Train a Dog

By Tim Lee

The dog is said to be man’s best friend. However, there are certain moments that dog owners get a little frustrated, and yes, sometimes angered by their pet dogs because of their innate rage to pee in every corner of the house.

How convenient would it be for dog owners if their dogs were a little bit more obedient? Getting one’s dog trained is a very good idea since it relieves the owners of the hassles of cleaning every corner of the house.

However, getting professional trainers to do the job can really a hole in one’s pockets, this is why more and more people are doing house training for their dogs. Here are some tips on how to house train a dog:

1. Observation is the key

From the start, one should observe his dog or puppy during times when he is excreting. This will tell a lot about the warning signals and the different signs that dogs are making when they are about to unload it. Perhaps, one can take down notes on what specific time of the day the dog wants to do “his thing” and what behavioral signs does he give when he is about to do it.

2. Go outside

Make it a point to make the dog feel comfortable outside the house. Let him explore your garden (but don’t let him destroy the plants) for him to find a comfortable spot to relieve himself. Do this everyday and the dog will eventually be more comfortable in doing this outside the house.

3. Stay with him

When house training your dog, always make sure that you stay with him until he finishes. If you leave him by himself, he will have the tendency to do other things such as explore the garden or chase other animals.

4. Be patient

This tip is especially effective for puppy owners. When puppies arrive in a new home, he will feel very uncomfortable at first and will usually cry during the night. Owners should be observant to be able to identify the signals that the puppy gives to communicate that he would want to relieve himself. Owners should carry him to the designated place every time he does these signals so as to give him a message that excretion is to be done outside.

5. Never use ammonia-based cleaners

During house training, dog owners should never use ammonia-based cleaners to clean their houses. These substances’ smell is a lot like that of urine’s. Dogs will have the tendency of peeing on corners which smell like urine, so avoid using these substances.

6. Don’t be harsh on the dog

There will be times that the dog or puppy will make a mess inside the house and there are cruel dog owners who would punish their dogs too much. Some slap their dogs with newspapers or other things (God knows what) or stick the dog’s nose into his mess. This should be avoided since the owner has the sole responsibility of making sure that the dog does not make a mess inside the house.

These are just some few tips on house training a dog. Remember that a dog is like a family member who should be taken cared of and loved.

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