6 Tips for Commonsense Planning for Horse Owners to Get to a Competition

6 Tips for Commonsense Planning for Horse Owners to Get to a Competition

By Leslie Moore

This article is from a life coach and horse owner for horse owners, in order to help have a harmonious life which includes your horse. There is a competition you want to go to. It could be a show, a dressage test or an event. It could be an endurance ride. Whatever it is you want to do, to be successful at it you must put a plan in place.Lack of planning can be disastrous. The secret to achieving your goals is planning. Knowing what your goals are is the starting point in your planning process. It is all very well to know what you want to achieve, but knowing how to get there is what you must work out, before you begin. Use these 6 Steps to guide you through the planning process that successful people use. By planning you will have a much better chance of achieving the success you want by entering the competition

1. Write down your goal. Make it clear and specific. State exactly what the goal is and when it needs to be achieved by. Set a date and determine how you will know it has been achieved. Are you being realistic in your goal and that it is achievable? If you have a specific competition in mind, you need to take into account what you need to do to get there.

2. Identify what is needed to achieve the goal. It’s important to identify people with the appropriate skills to include in the plan. Is there extra or special training necessary for you and horse to maximize a successful outcome?

3. Determine the steps you need to take. Write down a sequential series of steps that you will take, from the first one through to the last one. Allow a little flexibility in case you have to make modifications along the way. This would be your training schedule.

4. Be aware of any problems that could hinder your progress. Allow some flexibility in your time frames for problems that you can’t predict. The weather might not cooperate, you or your horse might have an off day or two, or there might be something else.

5. Establish a timetable for each step. Assess the amount of work and how much time this will take for each step. This will give you the information you need to set timeframes for completing each step. This is part of your training program.

6. Monitor your progress. Once you begin working on the steps of your plan you need to keep track of your progress. Check that you are making the desired progress in the time that you have set and if necessary speed up the work if you are slowing down. If you are making progress more quickly than anticipated you may wish to change your schedule to slow it down some. This is important since you don’t want to train too hard and create a problem for you or your horse because you over did it.If you want to achieve your goals, create a carefully thought out plan. Keep these Top 6 planning tips in mind always. Good planning is what makes a successful competition for you and your horse!

About the author: Leslie Moore, a life coach and an equestrian expert with more than 40 years experience has helped many horse owners with practical advice to the commonsense day to day issues they face. For more information go to: www.alotmooresolutions.com so you to can experience a balanced and fulfilling life with your horse. Leslie helps people in all areas of their life so they may have happiness. Success coaching works!

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