5 Things I've Learned About Life From My Dogs

1.   Find joy in the simple things

An enjoyable meal.  A casual walk.   A stroll through the woods.   Time with family.   These are the kinds of things that provide deep, long lasting happiness.

2.   Don’t give up

When my dogs have lost a toy under a dresser they don’t give up until either they’ve gotten it, or gotten me to recover it for them.   When there is peanut butter in the Kong, my dogs will keep licking for hours until they’ve gotten it all out.   Dogs are willing to take small rewards for lots of committment.

3.  It’s OK To Lounge

My dogs have always been fond of lounging in the recliner or on the couch.  I can go days or even weeks without taking a break.  I’m a workaholic.  My dogs remind me that it’s ok … nah  …. it’s great to lounge.

4.  Go on an adventure!

My dogs love escaping from the yard to go on an adventure.  They like planned adventures too.   When I get myself into the right mindset, I enjoy a good adventure … but it often takes my dogs escaping from the yard to remind me how important it is to go on an adventure.

5.  Love being loved

I’m not very good at accepting affection.  For some reason I rarely feel as though I deserve it.  But there has never been a dog who hasn’t loved being loved.   As often as I can, I try to remember that as human beings we need to be loved too.  And then I have to work on not blocking out all the times people show their appreciation and fondness for me.

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