5 reasons why your ferret might be pooping outside its litter tray

Today we are going to talk about 5 reasons why your ferret might be pooping outside of its litter tray. It’s a common problem that plagues ferret owners around the world. Here are 5 reasons why it might be happening. If you want more information on how to stop your ferret pooping everywhere you can check out the Poop Patrol eBook here http://www.ferret-world.com/Poop_Patrol_stop_ferrets_pooping_everywhere.html

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15 Responses

  1. DPIII1
    | Reply

    i have a problem, my new ferret is over 6 mouths and where i got him they just had litter box's just laying around, so they were being used as beds and toys, this is why I think the problem stems from, but he likes to lay in the litter box and not when its just clean, but when theres poop in it and sometimes gets on him. has anyone experience this and have any ideas to stop him!!?

  2. DPIII1
    | Reply

    thank you for the video, i got a new 6 mouth old ferrets a few months ago and where they had him the litter box was flipped over and the other one was empty and was be used by my ferret as a bed.

    it took awhile to get him to use a little box, i tried moving the poop in there and if he pooped while he was out, I picked him up and put him in the litter box. in his cage i had to block of every corner until all he had let to go was in his litter box, it took a few weeks but he got better. outside the cage is a different story. he knows were the litter box is, but instead of going inside the litter box, he will go right next to it. he is also i think very lazy, so the litter box i have in one corner is those big onces, and all the other ferret go in there, to me it seems like he doesn't want to to that 2-3 hop in the box. i had to get him something similar to yours where its easy to walk it and he loves that one smh!!!

  3. Ichigo Addiction
    | Reply

    The best way in my personal experience is to pick them up when i see them backing into a corner amd raising their tails, and putting them in their litter box. usually works pretty quickly, if they are still a little confused i put any accidents in the litter tray so they know thats the place to go!

  4. Michael Williams
    | Reply

    I trained our ferrets to use the pan by placing the litter box in the corners of where they like to go to the bathroom in there cage. And reward them with a treat when I see them use it. When they are out of the cage I place the litter pans in corners of the room they play in in the same set up as in there cage. Again rewarding them for using it.

  5. lolprinses
    | Reply

    When I first got my ferret, I put a litter box in one of the corners of his cage (on each floor) and the rest of the corners I put materials or toys. This taught my ferret that the only place he can poop in without it being bedding or a toy was the litter box!

  6. MacKenzie Perry
    | Reply

    You should put the ferret's poop in the litter box so they know

  7. Almighty Shippo
    | Reply

    Anyone else have their ferrets pretend to use their litter tray when they are waiting to come out to play, like they are showing you they are ready? When I had 3 ferrets (down to one now), they would often do that, lol.

  8. the bricker
    | Reply

    The best way to get a ferret used to a litter box is to put in some of the waste into the litter box to produce a scent and put the litter box at the location of where they go to the toilet the most

  9. Emily Seabrook
    | Reply

    Just got a ferret do you have some tips your awsome

  10. Susan Reed
    | Reply

    I would teach them the same way I taught all my cats when they were kittens.I would put their poop in the litter box then put them in it to show them their poop and l let them sniff it.When I see them getting ready to do their business I would put them in it.When they used the litter box I would praise them with lots of love and treats.I would do this repeatedly until they learned were to go.

  11. Friends And ferrets
    | Reply

    Pepper the ferry says hi! Love you guys!!

  12. the xman
    | Reply

    I need a ferret my parents said in Like a month so we can get money Iโ€™m so happy you have this channel so much yuki I hope you live a lot longer.

  13. the xman
    | Reply

    Iโ€™ve been subscribed for 8 years

  14. Stupid Person
    | Reply

    she is such a tiny ferret

  15. Christina Materna
    | Reply

    Oh and the corner triangle litter box made by Marshall is useless, every ferret I've ever met hates it or only just tolerates it!

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