4 Ways to Prevent Dog Thieves From Ruining Your Life

It is a shocking crime but seems to be on the rise, any kind of theft is to be frowned on but when the thieves in question are stealing man’s best friend, it becomes an unthinkable action. Could you even imagine having your lovely dog being stolen from underneath your nose and being able to do absolutely nothing about it? You see, for a variety of reasons, it appears that stealing pet dogs is becoming more popular and we’d love to help you prevent this from ever happening to you. The most common scenario is probably stealing to sell your dog on for money and that is surely bad enough. But it appears that the low lives who indulge in the hideous trade of dog fighting have now started getting in on the action. God only knows how sad it must be to know that your furry buddy is going to be used in this cruellest of sports, so let’s cut to the chase and discuss the best 4 tips that have been proven to cut down that risk to the bare minimum.

Never Tie Your Dog Up Outside a Shop

Whilst it may be convenient to pop into your local shop halfway through walking your dog, please avoid this activity. You may only be inside for a few minutes but that is all that it takes for a dog snatch. Most of our dogs wouldn’t even bat an eyelid let alone raise a fuss when a stranger offers them a little freedom by releasing the lead from wherever it is tied. Surely you have enough time to do that shopping at another time, but you’ll never be able to replace your dog.


In the Front Garden

Our dogs love to be able to hang out in the fresh air and nobody can deny them that right, but be a little sensible here. If your dog is in the front yard and it is easily accessible from the road or pavement, try to minimise the chances of a stranger grabbing Fido by using the back garden instead. Or at least keep your eyes on the area before letting him or her out for their exercise.



Dog thieves may be opportunists but they usually do a little reconnaissance if they have the time. Although their isn’t really a stereotype for this breed of scumbags, if you see an unfamiliar face who is checking out the front gardens for four legged friends, ensure that your pride and joy is safe and sound just in case a return visit is on the cards. You could also warn any neighbours who own a dog, just in case.

In the Car

Let’s get one thing straight here, we have all left our dogs in the car at least once, but this isn’t really a good idea. Try to keep the two activities separate and if you are actually transporting your dog to a specific place, try to ensure that they are never left alone in the car. As well as not being particularly pleasant for your canine chum, if a dog thief spots him or her, there is little to stop them from putting a brick through the window. It is unlikely that your car stereo will be on their mind and once your dog is gone, you will probably never see it alive again.


We hope that this little guide helps you to keep your dog safe and sound and hopefully one day we can wave goodbye to dog theft forever.

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