4 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

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When you picture a person playing with their dog, a game of fetch generally comes to mind. While this is definitely a game that dogs and their owners will both enjoy, there are plenty of other fun games to choose from. Below is a list of games that you should try playing with your dog.

Playing With the Hose

On a hot summer day your garden hose can turn into a fun, refreshing game for you and your dog. Turning on the water and spraying your dog should excite and amuse them (be sure that the spray is gentle). Dogs generally love to chase the spray of a hose and are intrigued by its movements. Next time you and your best canine friend are feeling the heat, try remedying it with some fun hose play.

Hide and Seek

Another fun game to play with your dog is hide and seek. To play, your dog simply needs to be able to sit upon command. After telling your dog to sit and stay, hide somewhere fairly close and yell your dog’s name. Once they find you, be sure to congratulate them for winning (treats work nicely).

Another fun variation of this game can be played with your dog’s toys. As with the first version, it requires that your dog sit patiently to start. Once your dog is stationary, show they their toy and tell them to stay. Take the toy and hide it somewhere fairly simple and easily accessed from the ground.

Good locations include on low cabinets and shelves, on top of shakers and around corners. When you return to your dog, enthusiastically ask them where their toy is and instruct them to find it.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic game that dogs love. It simply requires a toy, rope or rag big enough for you and your dog to simultaneously grip. While playing, be sure to pull steadily and only match your dog’s force. Sudden jerks of force or pulling too hard in general could cause harm to your dog’s teeth and mouth. An active, playful game of tug of war is a surefire way to get your dog excited.

Blanket Game

Similar to a game commonly played with cats, the blanket game utilizes some trickery to get your dog riled up and playing. Place a blanket near your dog and position your hands underneath of it. From there, proceed to move your hands back and forth as your dog begins to pounce at them. Dogs are intrigued by the “mysterious” moving objects under the blanket and love to jump at them and chew on them  — just be sure to use a thick blanket.

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