3 Things To Die For and oh, yah .. my Top Musical picks!

* I have been tagged

Evelyn from the Homespun Honolulu blog has unsuspectedly tagged this poor PetLvr in a double meme called “Life’s Indispensables and Melodies to Live By“. Now, I’m not sure where this originated, but Evelyn was tagged by Mike over at the Port16 Blog who just called this “Two Memes for the Price of One“.

The Double Meme

(1) Three Things that I couldn’t get through the day without – I believe this part of the meme is not to look for concrete and obvious things (like food, wearing clothes, drinking water, etc) and is leaned more towards one’s own personal world that revolves aorund ourselves, that we makes our world a better place to live in. Well, that’s how I’m taking this part #1 to mean.

(2) Our Players don’t Lie – I believe this part is the conclusion that the mostly listened to songs in our music player of choice, kind of defines the type of person you are, or want to be, or the type of mood you generally tend to be during the day. Well, this is easy because despite me having almost 3,900 .mp3 songs on my computer .. I do tend to listen to a certain group of songs over and over (with shuffle play) in my MusicMatch.

>> Hence .. the title of this entry: 3 Things To Die For and oh, yah .. my Top Musical picks!

3 Things To Die For

* High Speed Internet

I work at home – out of my home office, and alone since 2003 and I do not have co-workers (or my spouse) to keep my sanity. If it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have um… 900-1200 spam emails coming in every day .. bouts of unproductivity .. lack of keeping track of time .. take showers at 4pm in the afternoon .. wear Pajamas all day .. surf people’s sites in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, instead of taking sleeping pills … but on the good side .. I have the HART-Empire Network because of the internet containing many blogs like this one! I also have many many wonderful friends from all over the world, including Hawaii .. And most of all, instead of being glued to the T.V. .. I am now glued to my computer screen monitor~

When I went to the cottage in the summer, I was devasted about the possibility of me not having internet access at all, and I ended up getting an EVDO card just to have access at the beach!

* My Pets – Maxxie and Sophie (the Papillons) and Zeussie Pussy Cat (the cat)

We don’t have any children, but we do have kids … our PETS! I would be embarrassed to tell you exactly what I might say to my own pets in the privacy of my own home, and the tone of voice, and *whew* .. Well, c’mon~! I’m sure you must know what I’m talking about *g*. If they weren’t here egging me on to ‘beat them up’ (play fetch with her football toy) or following me around hoping I would give him some treats, or take them both for a walk or a car-ride, or outside, etc etc .. I’d truly either … (a) go nuts .. or (b) lose track of time altogether!

* Call Answer and Call Display

I have a poor memory. I also multi-task and take a lot on my plate. Sometimes, I do not answer the phone because I can see who is calling me, and I just am not prepared to either deal with something, or have no paper and pad to write down a message. In my line of work, I am often asked those quick questions people ask their consultants and other advisors (who charge by time) twenty questions in two minutes … and/or call for a very specific reason that something has to be taken care of. If I’m not able to fully concentrate on a task at hand, I am just likely to let the message be stored in my call answer (invisible answering machine by MTS) and with the call display, I can guage the urgency. For instance, if I’m in the middle of detailed excel calculations, and I see a call display from my credit card company .. well, that’s good enough for me to remind myself I should probably make another payment soon enough!

My Top Musical Picks

In no apparent order, ALL of these songs are “My Usual Suspects”. Everytime I make a new playlist, I usually have these songs included on the list, or .. they were just on the list that I might have been listening to before hand.


BAZ LUHRMANN – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
– ROYAL CITY – Bad Luck
– QUEEN – Ogre Battle


COLDPLAY – The Scientist
MADONNA – Ray Of Light

* GO FIND ‘EM YOURSELF~! (Or, Email me if you are interested in these)

– JANE’S ADDICTION – Tahitian Moon
– TOM PETTY – Running Down A Dream
– COCKNEY REBEL – Make Me Smile
– RACEY – Some Girls Do
– B-52’s – Vision Of A Kiss
– CALEXICO – Crystal Frontier
– LIMP BIZKIT – My Way Or The Highway
– SHAKIRA – Ojos Asi

The Fun Part

Now the fun part .. tagging other people to do this in their own blogs! Muhahawaha *evil PetLvr laugh* // I think I will just take a look at My BlogCatalog friends and randomly pick 10 from there (Sorry guys and gals if I picked you~ but, feel free to post the “Double Meme” on any of your blogs of choice~!)

Lady Banana


PS: Songs included in this post will be removed in 7 days… and included for ‘meme’ purposes only.

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5 Responses

  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    I love the addition of the audio! Thanks for joining in the silliness, it’s such a nice part of blogger bonding. I think I just made that up… think I’ll use it. 🙂

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    I don’t mind joining in on the silliness, when I have the time .. it takes my mind off of other things .. like my regular offline work~

  3. Mike Scott
    | Reply

    Hey Hart! Glad to see other people participating! Great play list, and I would have to agree with two of your list items, pets and the internet.


  4. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Hi Mike .. thanks for dropping by!

    Hmm.. you’re the 2nd person that mentioned that the Call Answer/Call Display isn’t so special, but .. working at home every day all the time .. well – it’s the best $5.95/mo I’m spending that’s related to my phone bills!

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