20 Fun Parrot Tricks

20 parrot tricks that little Zeeby the parrotlet knows!

To learn how to teach some of these tricks check out the training tutorial playlist: https://goo.gl/7Q0v90

Blog: www.flock-talk.tumblr.com

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please shoot them my way!

Intro music :

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14 Responses

  1. mazn malazada
    | Reply

    do only parrots can do this i mean do i can teach another type of birds?

  2. Fikri sam
    | Reply

    How to train parkit skill wave?

  3. Blush
    | Reply

    The laying was so cute!

  4. Sleepy Bird
    | Reply


  5. Rafaga Gonzalez
    | Reply

    Legend has it they say if you are they will answer

  6. Evi Marioli
    | Reply

    Find Ace…..even I couldn"t find it lol

  7. Jax Jan j.j
    | Reply

    i hope you do a video "Fun tips with budgies"

  8. Jax Jan j.j
    | Reply

    is that a lovebird

  9. Miss Galactica
    | Reply

    I FINALLY taught my Sun Conure some of these! Took him a while…. Oh and his name is Skittles :3

  10. Gina Cain
    | Reply

    Hi my name is Gina and I am 10 years old.
    I have a question about parrotlets and parakeets.
    Can you do the same tricks with a parakeet that you can do with a parrotlet?
    I love your videos i've learned alot!
    Thank you for your help.

  11. Azim sama
    | Reply

    nice parrot….

  12. Ayesha Noor
    | Reply

    This bird is smarter then humans lol

  13. TurkeyBoy55
    | Reply

    This is cool! My birds only know how to jump on my finger!

    | Reply

    what type of bird is that? can you buy them in Australia? i want to research that bird and maybe in a few years i want to get one MAYBE if i have enough money, a good cage, etc

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