10 Reasons Why You Should Join The PetLvr Community

Attention all PetLvrs …

You are cordially invited to join our new PetLvr Community on the root of this domain. You can access the community anytime by clicking the above “COMMUNITY” button on the menu navigation or just click the big image below :) In this post, I will let you know some good reasons to join the Community! // HART

1. Meet and Socialize with real people and other Pet Lovers!

Granted .. at the moment I’m all over the site with a few different member usernames, but I am hoping this to be a HUGE community of pet lovers in the future! Get in on the ground floor! Meet REAL people! It’s sad, but unfortunately almost 90% of the people commenting on blog posts are automated or “fake” and either NOT real people, or people just taking advantage of other people. HART will be doing his best to weed out these fakers and spammers and BOTS so all members are real people, and real pet lovers can come and hang out in the PetLvr Community.

2. Promote Your OWN BLOG and your Favorite Links in our DoFollow Site!

Since my birthday in 2010, I have set all my sites as DOFOLLOW with COMMENTLUV. This means, that any link you place in the PetLvr Community will carry some juice to your own page or site! Of course, the disclaimer is that it depends if this site has any juice to give. Currently, we are PR3 in the community and PR4 in the blog and we’ve been higher, and we’ve been lower. I will probably probably moderate repetitive spamming of links and delete users at will, if the community demands it. So, feel free to add your own site into the LINK Directory as well as promoting your latest posts for other Pet Lovers to see. Do I have to mention that they should be pet related sites? It would be nice! But, it does NOT have to be pet related at all. The criteria is that each member is a pet lover and this is “where pet lovers hang out”! What you do in here, is your business! :) )

3. Guest post in the PetLvr Community Blog and widen your exposure!

For anybody that asks me and wants to write articles in the PetLvr Community Blog .. I will give them permissions to write and publish PET RELATED articles at will! This will be a good way to gain practice as a guest author, and give some opportunity to increase your own brand and link out to yourself and other pet related links you enjoy! Please see this post for more details. My criteria will be held strictly offering guest posting for PET RELATED topics only (e.g. no SEO tips, or other type of blogging posts allowed)

4. There are No Real Obligations while remaining a PetLvr Community Member!

There is no penalty for not posting often (although I hope you participate when you can), and you do not have to have any badge or widget or banner of our site included on your site to enjoy continued participation. All I ask are two things .. firstly that everybody obtain or upload a gravatar so I know each member is HUMAN and not a robot! And, secondly, that everybody respect one another within the PetLvr Community. This is a “G” (general-rated) site and many relatives, nieces, cousins, friends and other Pet Lovers could be your kids! Play nice! Be nice! Please keep the profanity low :) // thanks

5. Chat in Groups and Forums with Like-Minded people about the like-minded topics!

It’s a little confusing at first, but you can join and create as many groups as you want and post chat messages to that group. You can create forum threads, that are part of groups to further drill down vertically within any group and keep things more organized. Want to get some business tips from fellow pet sitters? Join the pet sitters group and chat with other pet sitters! Groups can be private or public.

6. Streamline your Activities To/From your Twitter and Facebook accounts instantly!

You can authorize both Twitter and Facebook to interact with your activity in the PetLvr Community. You can choose when and what you wanted to be sent out to your twitter or facebook (or both) accounts when you post anything inside the PetLvr Community .. and also set your option settings whether you want to syncronize your pet related tweets back into the PetLvr Community! Neat-o.

7. Upload as many images as you want into your own personal Album! Play Videos!

Every member has his/her own personal ALBUM where they can upload as many images as you want. Hopefully, these will be in good taste, and pet related but I will not restrict what is uploaded unless there is an outcry from the PetLvr Community! I have also included plugins to make it easy to show YouTube and other media-related videos and such .. you just plop down the URL and it plays the video! This is great if you are promoting your own videos or screencasts of yourself about your pet related business or of yourself and your pets, pet tips, and the like.

8. You can even get your own Free Blog or create many free blogs to cross promote yourself!

I have another site … PetLvr-Blogs.com .. You are free to create one (1) username and as many free blogs under that username! Use them as your personal journal, or set up a blog for each pet of yours! I will be keeping a vigil watch on the creation of sites however. My stipulations are that only one I.P. address is allowed, and every new member MUST EMAIL ME to let me know what their general plans are etc to prove to me you aren’t a spammer or splogger or non-english speaking person or content thief, etc etc etc. I am experimenting a little with this site being on the latest WordPress 3.0+ Multisite version but, eventually I will be allowing domain mapping and more templates and plugins into the mix.

9. Ask Questions. Get Answers. Give Answers. Network yourself!

A lot of times I see comments inside the blog here that are asking a question. Specifically, I am not a vet or licensed ‘anything’ pet related .. I’m just another pet lover like the most of us. Generally, if you think there is a problem with your pet – PLEASE consult your local vet and do not let your pet suffer! Now, that being said .. it would be great to come to a community and ask questions and if you are able to help another pet lover out by your sheer experience or knowledge, please do so! Over time, if questions are aggregated properly and sorted .. future pet lovers will be able to come and gain knowledge from your experience and it will also help build your profile, if you are a pet trainer, pet groomer, etc. etc. And, if you are the one asking the questions .. chances are that a community will be better able to answer your questions, than leaving me a question in a comment in an obscure posts from 2005 on the blog.

10. It’s New! It’s Cool! You Run The Show!

Okay, while I’m the moderator and owner of the PetLvr site, this community is for the community. I hope that it can grow into a site where pet lovers help other pet lovers and a place where you can meet new friends! There is a lot of content already inside this PetLvr Blog for Pet Lovers that can be found with the search functions in the footer, and I didn’t just want to copy and paste “what HART thinks is cool” into the forum groups. As long as members respect other members in the community and do not spam me, our site or our community … anything goes!

Rejoice. Participate. Enjoy.

Hope to see you in the PetLvr Community!

// HART (aka PetLvr)

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