10 More Easy Tricks To Train Your Rats – Mini Trick Tutorials! (Re-upload)

Another mini tutorial video on some easy tricks to teach rats of any age and experience! Enjoy!

(Note: Re-uploaded to fix major editing errors.)

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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11 Responses

  1. Lichenfrost
    | Reply

    omg walking on hind legs makes them look like a t-rex xD

  2. Margaux P
    | Reply

    Hey ! I love your vids they’re so useful for the futur rat mama I’m going to be 🙂
    I was wondering something, does the rat forget the trick at some point ? Like a week after ? Or does it stay in his little brain like “forever” ? Thanks to anyone for answering !

  3. Susan Lynch
    | Reply

    You make it look so easy, hehe

  4. Carla Krehl
    | Reply

    You sooooooooo gooooood

  5. Punkalive KaSs
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot for this ! Your videos are awesome !!!

  6. Trudy Koch
    | Reply

    Love it. What kind of treats do you use? I haven't found any that keep my rats interest.

  7. Debby Moore
    | Reply

    Awesome, thanks for the tips.

  8. IAMGiftbearer
    | Reply

    Cute! I have a rat that looks almost exactly like your agouti and white one but younger. I am teaching a few of mine to come when I call their names.

    I was wondering if you could make a video on how to train your rat to jump up on your shoulder?

  9. Tara Rocks
    | Reply

    cool tricks! there so easy and simple i will soon probably teach my ratties!

  10. Haley Giunta
    | Reply

    What smart and hungry babies!

  11. Queen Of Cats
    | Reply

    Your videos are amazing And your cute rats 😊 👍

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