10 Ferret Myths – What You Need to Know

http://www.ferretbiting.com Top 10 Ferret Myths. Does a pet ferret make a good pet? Learn to stop your ferret from nipping and biting.

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33 Responses

  1. vidoxi
    | Reply

    If they only see red and blue, do they prefer toys or other objects in
    those colors?

  2. Laura Minkkinen Ekman
    | Reply

    Well I live in Sweden and I’m a owner of a ferret so I will just ad some
    stuff to this, because having a ferret in Sweden is not as easy as in the
    In Sweden it’s against the Law to lock a ferret in a cage. The ferret must
    have over 5 m2 (square metre) in the place it’s looked in at. And there is
    no such cage to buy. So you treat the ferret as a cat or dog and let it run
    around in the apartment, BUT you must make the apartment ferret-safe first.
    So yeah in Sweden it’s a BIG myth that you must have the ferret in a cage,
    it’s illegal. You can’t buy a ferret in a pet zoo because of this, you need
    to find someone who breeds them at home if you want a ferret.
    So let us talk about their smell. In Sweden you never decent a ferret, no
    vet would do that because it’s unnecessary. A ferret only “skunk” if it’s
    afraid or angry. A ferret who’s to rut will smell awfully a lot more than
    someone that’s neuter. In fact you must neuter your pet if you want to keep
    it healthy,specially females, or else they can get really sick and die if
    they never get to breed. But enough with that, back to smell, people tend
    to smell them differently. They do always have a musky smell, some think it
    smells good, and some don’t, some even think it smells like honey. If you
    don’t want it to smell so strong you simply need to clean and wash their
    things once every week. But I know people who do this and own ferrets that
    still think they stink, it depends on the person keeping it.

    And the thing with wild ferrets, I don’t know how it’s in the US, but in
    Sweden there is only one kind of wild ferret. But there is many subspecies
    in the world, the pet ferret included, so no it’s a lie that only the
    blackfooted ferret will survive, but yes a pet would never survive the
    wildness and are not a wild animal anymore. But it’s still a predator so
    you need to be carefull. 

  3. Crosby4hyg
    | Reply

    I had to stop watching after he said only one species of Ferret can survive
    in the wild… This is completely untrue, there are FAR more ferrets living
    in the wild than there are in captivity as pets. Guy just makes up facts as
    he goes.

  4. Cittykat Does Gaming
    | Reply


  5. Victor Medina
    | Reply

    descented or not ferrets have a musky odor. when descented the ferret will
    not smell as bad as they could. sooo they do stink to some people who have
    a sensitive nose. 

  6. Bea W
    | Reply

    If someone is allergic to cats, will they be allergic to ferrets??

  7. Pewds isawesome
    | Reply

    they still stink even when descanted

  8. Madison Metz
    | Reply

    You can also tell ferrets arent rodents because of their teeth rodent have
    2 long teeth in front and ferrets have cat like teeth(this doesnt mean
    their related to cats.)

  9. karn33333
    | Reply

    10 is not only a myth Fidget lived in my living room. I stopped having her
    use the cage, after about 3 months. she didn’t chew cords or destroy
    anything, well except maybe that bag of twizzlers she managed to get off
    the top of the dresser, and she was perfectly safe and happy.

  10. LPS RockstarTV
    | Reply

    1 ferrets can live in the wild black footed ferret and many more even my
    pet ferret can 2 ferrets do stink proven FACT i have one so ya personal

  11. CococatLover365
    | Reply

    My Ferrets are adorable! One of them is a very rare ferret that people call
    “the polar bear” ferret. Its a ferret with white fur and a black nose!
    Everyone says she looks like a tiny polar bear too :3

  12. mowbuss
    | Reply

    downvoting for lack of cute ferrets playing

  13. Wyatt Anderson
    | Reply

    thanks i was worring about the biting one

  14. stephen baker
    | Reply

    My ferrets have good eye sight. they can see my house or me at a about 75
    feet away.One of my ferrets when he felt threatened out side he would run
    straight for may house and try to get to the hole under it. Which is were
    he fount him the few times he got out side. My aunt has a bad habit if
    leaving doors open for some reason.

  15. Thalicia Mayes
    | Reply


  16. chun lie
    | Reply

    ferrets are great pets, i found one running loose around 3 years ago and
    ive kept him ever since in an old rabbit hutch, hes a lot more interesting
    than rabibts etc, his smell is shocking though and wouldnt let them in the

  17. Tom Mistela
    | Reply

    This is all bullshit

  18. Thalicia Mayes
    | Reply


  19. 0092BigRob
    | Reply

    I have two ferrets and their adorable

  20. liz vanhook
    | Reply

    Ferrets have a musky smell to them regardless if descented or not. I give
    mine a bath every 2 weeks and she still smells a few days later that’s just
    how they are, but they are worth it:) 

  21. mdnmdn
    | Reply

    #11 – Ferrets do not steal things XD.

  22. Mangle The Pirate
    | Reply

    ferrets are aweosme my older sister ahs one! he’se so cute and btw if yuo
    give them a bath 1nce a week they stink casuse they have more oil than they
    need on there body

  23. Andrew Jirik
    | Reply

    HIs lisp… Oh my god my ears got pierced.

  24. screamerboy100
    | Reply

    Some elaboration for all you curious kids out there. Learn something new
    every day.
    1. Ferrets were domesticated over 2500 years ago.
    2. Ferrets do have a musky odor but this is not 100% the ferret’s fault.
    People treat them like cage animals so they walk around in all their
    excretions all day long. You’d smell bad too if you were in that situation.
    3. Ferrets are from the family Mustelidae, same as weasels and badgers.
    4. All animals bite. Ferrets stop biting without reason with proper
    training but will bite if they feel threatened; again, like all animals.
    5. Most animals carry Rabies. Get the vaccination, don’t get the disease.
    6. Ferrets can only see clearly for a good 10 ft if that (don’t quote me on
    7. Ferrets defend themselves the way they see fit. Children are bigger than
    them; it is only natural for them to do so.
    8. Ferrets are almost like a mix between a cat and dog. Training depends
    100% on how you approach it.
    9. Ferrets are known to be hypoallergenic.
    10. Ferrets are a lot like toddlers like he said. If you provide a
    dangerous surrounding for them, they will get hurt. A cage is a good
    investment. This does not mean this is where they should be. Like I said
    earlier, a lot of the smell depends on how they’re kept. If they are never
    in a cage to begin with, you won’t need to worry too much about the smell
    beyond an occasional bath.

  25. DollfaceKilla
    | Reply

    I love ferrets but cats can be trained to do tricks. Moscow circus – check
    it out 

  26. poozybear
    | Reply

    Ferrets do not “stink.” A descented ferret still has a musky odor, which
    some people might dislike, but others find quite pleasant. I loved the the
    way my ferret smelled. My pet sitter said she thought they smelled like
    babies, which is sort of true. They are wonderful, endearing creatures.
    Please California, get your act together and legalize.

  27. ddreuss
    | Reply

    #1, So they where wild, till we got to them. #2 I have two…One
    desented-Skittles, the other not-Peaches. Guess which one smells very
    musky, but not to bad (hint: not Peaches). 

  28. Thalicia Mayes
    | Reply

    My mom is allergic to pets

  29. Crimson Divine
    | Reply

    The website no longer works :-/

  30. zstidsen
    | Reply

    Great to see so many people interested in ferrets! I have 2… Daisy and
    Duke. Best pets ever! They are so smart, and play so well with my young
    son. I’m glad we decided on ferrets instead of dogs. For our lifestyle,
    they are perfect.

  31. Ileana Viera
    | Reply

    Our ferret was de-scented and spayed when we got her and she still smells.
    It is as another person wrote, from their follicles. We noticed the smell
    is extremely strong while she sleeps. Also, if we clean her bedding, it’s
    almost as if she marks them to get her scent back on them. De-scented,
    spayed or not they still have a strong odor. Their diet does make somewhat
    of a difference. Our is on a raw diet and Wilderness cat dry food.

  32. BEAKER6868
    | Reply

    number one is so true. here in california, ferrets are illegal because they
    claim that they are bad for the ecosystem, and that if they get free, they
    will breed and hurt agriculture as well as certain animals. it’s nonsense.

  33. Thalicia Mayes
    | Reply

    I got two new ferrets who are awesome and they love to jump around

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