¿ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HAMSTER ? Do you want to learn tricks on your hamster ? So this video is for you !

If you’re looking to bond with your hamster and teach it some tricks, start training it. Training your hamster will increase its confidence and strengthen your relationship. Once your hamster is comfortable with you, you can teach it to jump, roll over, or climb. Train your hamster to use a litter box inside its cage and stop biting or chewing. With a little structure, you’ll soon have your hamster eating out of your hand !

🐭 All about the rat:

🐭 All about the hamster:



How can you pick your hamster up safely ? Reponse 2

To pick your hamster up, lay your palm face down on the bottom of the hamster’s cage. Slowly move your hand toward your hamster, then turn your hand so it is face up. Let your hamster crawl into your hand on its own.


How can you teach your hamster to jump ? Reponse 3

Your hamster needs to be able to see the seed. Make sure it is just above your hamster’s reach, as hamster can’t jump very high. Say, “jump!” and your hamster should jump to get the seed.

Quiz 3)

How can you house train a hamster ? Reponse 1

Your hamster will be more likely to use a litter box if it is in the corner it already uses as a bathroom. If you aren’t sure where your hamster typically relieves itself, watch your hamster for a few days to figure this out!

⭐ How to tame these rats:

⭐ How to tame these hamsters:

➡️The cage is where your hamster and your rat will spend most of their life. It is important to have a fairly large and well equipped cage.

RAT: http://www.lesratounes.com/la-cage
HAMSTER: http://www.leshamsters.fr/habitat/cage-habitat-choisir-hamster/

🌼 If you do not have rodents, you can still reproduce these crafts to play, offer, decorate, etc. 🌼


What are you shooting with?
With my phone (Samsung Galaxy J7 2016)

Your editing software?
Wondershare Filmora.

Miniature software? PicsArt.

————————————————– ———————————

What are the dimensions of your rat’s cage?
I do not know the dimensions of the cage, but it is a special rat cage, it is the minimum to accommodate a rat.

_For what rodent do the crafts are made?
My cats are for rats but can also be other small rodents, except recipes.

~ Or adopt his rat? http://www.lesratounes.com/oa-adopter-son-rat

What color is Tigger?
He is all white with blue eyes.

Are you taking your rat out of his cage?
Yes, he has no fixed time, but he goes out very regularly during the day.

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