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Welcome to the PetLvr Archives! We are a blog that hopes to provide information, news, health care, training tips, inspiring stories and even introduce new technology that makes life living on Earth with our Pets an even greater joy. Feel free to SEARCH topics from the top or footer fields. Feel free to also check out our Pet Store and downloadable resource 3 Quick Techniques to Drastically Reduce Bad Behavior in Your Dog

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7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!


This video is sponsored by PetFlow. Get your Greenies Pill Pockets here: https://www.petflow.com/explorer?search=pill+pockets Set up automatic pet food delivery today at http://www.PetFlow.com/ZakGeorge Enter code Zak30 when you check out to receive $10 off of your... Read More

How To Potty Train Your Hamster


Remember wait till the potty spot has a smell to it before adding the potty area in. Once the bowl or other potty spot thing has sat a couple days with the potty in it... Read More



Welcome to my newest video. HOW TO TEACH YOUR HORSE TO KISS! Want to Join me on Star Stables? I am on the “Chocolate Cupcake Server” Sophia’s SSO name: JULIETTE BUNNYFALL MUSIC – WWW.BENSOUND.COM Want... Read More

Cat Tricks: Teach your cat to wave.


In this short clicker training tutorial you will learn how to teach your cat to wave. The purrequisite to this tutorial is the Teach your Cat to Fist bump tutorial: https://youtu.be/dowqVXRdyoQ Learn how to clicker... Read More

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