Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest – Worth $100 USD – Filled With Zuke’s Dog and Cat Treats!

The Contest

Zuke’s, healthy and all-natural dog & cat treats made in the USA with no fillers, additives, corn, wheat or soy, wants to know what your pet’s favorite Zuke’s product is!

All you have to do is comment about the specific favorite treat below and you are automatically entered to win a Zuke’s custom tote bag with $100 USD worth of Zuke’s dog & cat treats! You can UP your chances of winning by tweeting the contest on Twitter and posting it on your Facebook wall!

The Prize for this Contest

You can win a Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag filled with $100 USD worth of cat and dog treats delivered right to your doorstop. This could be $100 USD worth of Zuke’s dog treats, $100 USD worth of Zuke’s cat treats, or $100 USD worth combination of both cat and dog treats!

There will be THREE (3) Prizes offered for this contest!

Duration of Contest

The contest starts immediately, and will run up to midnight April 30, 2011 (CST Timezone). On May 1st 2011 .. HART from PetLvr Community Blog and Forum will randomly generate and select three winners from all the official contest entries received. Each winner will win a Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag filled with $100 USD worth of dog and/or cat treats, shipped directly from Zuke’s.

Here are the official rules for this contest. Please read these carefully! Thank-You.


Winners have to reside in North America (50 USA states, Canada and Mexico) to enter this contest. Everybody is welcome to enter UP TO 3 TIMES based on the criteria mentioned below. Spoiled entries will be marked as “Spoiled” and not be included in the random selection.


Selected winners will be contacted on May 1, 2011 via email by HART (aka PetLvr) and request their selection choice of products for their winning tote bag of products, and proper shipping address. The selected winners’ details will then be forwarded to Zuke’s who will send you them the prize directly. If the winner(s) do not respond back to HART by May 7, 2011 a new winner will be randomly selected in its place.

How To Enter – Official First Entry

(a) Be sure to study up here: http://www.zukes.com and look around for Zuke’s dog and cat treats

(b) Come back here and post a comment about which specific pet treat is your favorite. Optional comments are welcome if you want to explain why and/or provide a link online to your own pet with Zuke’s treats – but, not required

How To Enter – Official Second Entry

(a) Tweet this contest on your twitter account – just copy and paste the following text and tweet (at least the bold parts)

Enter Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest – Filled with $100 USD worth Zuke’s Dog & Cat Treats! http://bit.ly/gasii3 via @PetLvr

(b) Come back here and post a comment showing the URL of your tweet. If you are not sure how to do this, after you tweet this, right-click on the “less than 5 seconds ago” link and Copy Link Location, then come here and paste. You must have an existing “Official First Entry” posted to count.

How To Enter – Official Third Entry

(a) Post this contest on your Facebook wall! Be sure to let your fans and friends know about the contest, and include the URL of this contest which is:


(b) Come back here and post a comment showing the URL of your Facebook wall entry. If you are not sure how to do this, after you post your comment, right-click on the DATE link and Copy Link Location, then come here and paste. You must have an existing “Official First Entry” posted to count.

How To Get More Official Votes!

Unfortunately, only 3 votes will be allowed per person and/or location.


About Zuke’s

Zuke’s is a company devoted to making healthy, affordable treats and chews using top-quality ingredients and formulas that reflect the latest scientific developments in animal wellness and nutrition. A portion of annual profits are donated to the DCCF. The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund (DCCF) helps families who cannot afford life-saving treatments for their pets, supports research and promotes cancer prevention and awareness.

Follow Zuke’s on Twitter. Like Zuke’s on Facebook. Read Zuke’s Dog Blog.

Thanks for entering the contest! Please share this with all your friends 😀

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120 Responses

  1. Jodi Kaplan
    | Reply

    My cat (Paris) picks the savory salmon treats. He just loves fish.

  2. Bon Crowder
    | Reply

    Maybe if I win, I can convince Husband to get us a cat.

    My fav treats – chicken. And cat. Cat.

    I wanna cat!

  3. Miranda
    | Reply

    Reese LOVES Zuke’s Mini Naturals Treats and they are perfect for training. He has already learned how to sit at 8 weeks old! He loves the Peanut Butter and the Chicken flavors!


  4. Heather Tart
    | Reply

    Love the Lamb jerky treats! My dog goes CRAZY for them!!! Keep up the excellent work, Zukes!

  5. Brittany Lynn
    | Reply

    Murphy my Shih-Tzu loves his cranberry zukes bones! He doesn’t like much but he is in love with those bones lol!

  6. Leesa J
    | Reply

    The Beef Jerky treats are my dogs favorites, which would make them my favorites too. They were lucky enough to try a sample a while back, and I’ve never seen them so excited for more. The jerky treats actually smell like the beef jerky I make at home. ; )

  7. Miranda
    | Reply


    Posted in my wall for all my friends to see!

  8. Steve
    | Reply

    I love the Zuke mini naturals for training.

  9. Brandi
    | Reply

    I buy more Zuke’s Mini Naturals than any other treats for my two Labs. They are the best for training and are easy to carry along when we hike – that way I can tempt them away from a squirrel or dead animal with some tasty Zuke’s. We also seem to go through them fast, because I forget to put the bag out of Labrador reach, and my youngest, Jet at 3 years old, helps himself to any bags he can find. This includes grabbing them off the counter, finding them in the car, pilfering through shopping bags, and unzipping (but not damaging) a backpack to get to the bag o’Zukes. He then carefully chews off the top just below the seal and when I come home I find an empty Zukes’ bag…I blame myself for underestimating the power of the Zukes!

  10. Leesa J
    | Reply

    Link to my Facebook page where Zuke’s Custom Tote contest is posted: https://www.facebook.com/#!/leesaj

    I do not have a ‘less than five seconds ago’ link on Twitter, but it is posted at: twitter.com/leesaj


    // updated // here’s the link .. HART

  11. Jen Sadlowski
    | Reply

    Our Abby LOVES Zuke’s Mini Naturals(Peanut Butter AND Chicken flavor) for training and on walks. She also loves the Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz Mini Bakes in her Kong and Peanut Butter Power Bones for long hikes!

  12. Elizabeth Hoffman
    | Reply

    I love using the mini salmon treats for dog training. They’re the perfect size!

  13. Elizabeth Hoffman
    | Reply

    Posted on twitter!


  14. Eric
    | Reply

    My min pin loves his zukes mini naturals and his cranberry bones too.

  15. Pattie Davis
    | Reply

    My little toy fox terrier “Haley” goes nuts over those bags of chicken treats. She cant even stand to see it sitting on my desk and I now have to hide them, out of sight out of mind worked for a bit, now she whines at my desk as she now knows they are tucked inside the drawer. Oh you gotta love her, persistance does pay off..lol

  16. Crystal Shouse
    | Reply

    My dogs love Zuke’s Z-fillets and Mini Naturals. They go crazy for them. They have the be the best treats ever and I like them because they are natural and don’t have any bad stuff in them.
    I also posted on facebook.

  17. Sahara mendez
    | Reply

    Both Of my dogs go CRAZY for the Power Bones Peanut Butter Formula !!

  18. coastwatcher
    | Reply

    we all love the cranberry zukes breath fresheners

  19. Marie
    | Reply

    Our lab puppy has only had Zuke’s treats since we brought her home at 8 weeks (so ok, technically she is 19 months and probably not considered a ‘puppy’ by some…). They have limited ingredients which we love and the flavors that she absolutely craves. She hasn’t found one yet she won’t devour….we especially love the mini bakes – in all flavors. Great training treat, fill the kong treat, and our all time favorite – just becuase you’re sooo cute treat!!
    We also like purchasing your products knowing that you are concerned about our pets health and ways to keep them healthy and promote cancer awareness. We only purchase and will continue to purchase all of your products!

    Abby’s mom

  20. Crystal Shouse
    | Reply

    I posted on twiiter

  21. Melinda
    | Reply

    My Australian Shepherd loves to run with me as I hike, backpack and mountain bike. Zuke’s Power Bones keep him going all day long!

  22. Melinda
    | Reply


  23. Melinda
    | Reply

    Posted to Facebook:

  24. Christina
    | Reply

    My dogs favorite treats are the Mini Naturals(peanut butter or salmon) or any of the Jerky Naturals. I love that they have limited ingredients and that not all have chicken and none have eggs. I have a dog with severe allergies to both chicken and eggs so it’s nice to have a treat that he can actually have.

  25. Cathy
    | Reply

    My dogs love the zukes mini naturals in salmon or peanut butter flavor best 🙂

  26. jeannie garcia
    | Reply

    Our fav are the mini natural. So good for training!

  27. Laurie Banks
    | Reply

    Zuke’s “Hip Action” treats have been a life saver for my dog Scrappy! They made a huge improvement and eliminated his need for daily pain killers. Thanks Zuke’s!

  28. Laurie Buchele
    | Reply

    We love a lot of Zuke’s treats for our dogs — we love to use the Mini Naturals for training, we give our 9-year-old beagle the Hip Action treats every day, all our dogs love the Z-Filets, and we always keep the Mini Bakes handy at home for “potty” treats and for little snacks. We use the Power Bones when we are competing in Rally or Obedience and also when we are doing therapy dog work. You can definitely say we are a Zukes family!

    We have a 9-year-old beagle and an 8-year-old golden retriever; they are both registered therapy dogs and crisis response dogs. They also both compete in Rally and Obedience. And this last fall/winter we fostered a litter of 10 beagle mix puppies — we have kept two of the litter. They are now almost 6 months old and are in training for a variety of different activities. We all, especially the dogs, love Zukes!!!!

  29. Laurie Buchele
    | Reply

    On my Twitter:

  30. Laurie Buchele
    | Reply

    On my Facebook:

  31. Joanna Jones
    | Reply

    The peanut butter mini naturals are our favorite. The dogs love them and they are a great size to use for training.

  32. Kat Stevens
    | Reply

    Zuke’s Mini Bakes are all the rage with my two Shepherds!

  33. Kelly Fasching
    | Reply

    I have used the mini naturals (the chicken are Boone’s favorite but he’s not picky – he likes all of them!) to help train my dog Boone. He also LOVES the Beef Hip Action chewy treats and I love them to because they help protect his joints!

  34. Kelly Fasching
    | Reply

    My second entry: https://twitter.com/#!/MNGirrrl/status/57857244527734785

  35. Kelly Fasching
    | Reply

    My third entry! http://www.facebook.com/kfasching/posts/153944711335615

  36. karen
    | Reply

    We like the Zukes Mini Naturals — chicken, but salmon is a very close second. They’re the ideal treat for training classes, and Dinah and I need all the training we can get for all the trials this season!

  37. arborfield
    | Reply

    hard to choose just *one* favorite Zukes treat here amongst my Field Spaniels. But if I have to pick just one, then it’ll be “Power Bones” because they give my agility dogs extra energy when they need it 🙂

  38. Shandus
    | Reply

    My dogs love the Zuke’s Mini Naturals. They are perfect for training! My Lab mix loves anything, so she doesn’t have very discriminating taste, but my picky Sheltie seems partial to the peanut butter flavor. She’ll practically stand on her head to get one!

  39. kathi
    | Reply

    The vom Viersen Rottweilers love love love Zuke’s Mini Naturals, particularly the salmon flavor! These treats are just the best for training. They are low in calories, don’t mess up your pockets too much, the dogs can consume them quickly, and it is a real high value reward to them.

  40. Lynsey
    | Reply

    Peanut Butter minis are my dogs favorite all time! Great for training!

  41. Mary McHenry
    | Reply

    My dogs love the peanut butter mini naturals. Great for puppy show training!

  42. Tanya
    | Reply

    My boys LOVE the Zuke’s Mini Naturals!! Any flavor will do 🙂

  43. Tanya
    | Reply


    I shared on my Facebook wall 🙂

  44. Lynn U.
    | Reply

    The Zukes Mini Naturals make great training treats. I rotate through the flavors to keep it interesting. Great size for training, not messy in the pockets and the dogs love them.

  45. MsHera
    | Reply

    Natural Purrz – chicken looks good! Maybe I should try the Cat Hip Action. I’m getting on in years now.

  46. Jessica Monahan
    | Reply

    My dog used to eat greenies but we discovered the joys of a grain free diet and lack of ear infections which followed. We eventually found Original Zukes Z Ridge bones and she just loved them. Tragically, she passed away in December but our new puppy arrives the end of this month. She will certainly be a Zukes puppy. Zukes is the greatest grain free treat out there!!

  47. Cindy Giltner
    | Reply

    Solo and Lola (Cavalier King Charles Spaneils) will do anytihng for their Mini Natural Peanut Butter Zukes. The do quite the dance when I say “Zuke”? Even Lola who doesn’t like to run will run to me when I say that. Silly pups.

  48. Cindy Giltner
    | Reply

    cindygiltner Cindy Giltner Enter Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest – Filled with $100 USD worth Zuke’s Dog & Cat Treats! http://bit.ly/gasii3 via @PetLvr

    // added // verified entry~ / HART

  49. Cindy Giltner
    | Reply


  50. Amy B
    | Reply

    Hey there.

    My favorite…or should I say, my 13 yr old dachshund’s favorite Zuke’s treat is Z-filets. He really prefers the Prime Beef Strips over the chicken, but he’ll still eat the chicken any day too. He loves these because they are easy for him to eat. You see he only has 2 teeth…we rescued him when he was 6 and he had 35 teeth removed the next day due to neglect and rot. Thanks for making something he can enjoy that’s not just a treat, but more like a jerky item to him. 🙂

    My other dachshunds love Zuke’s as well.

    I love the fact that they are Made in the USA!

  51. Karen in WI
    | Reply

    My Penny (Golden Retriever) loves your Hip Action treats and I love them because they provide her with Glucosamine and Chondrotin; something she needs and she can get it in a tasty form!

    We also love the fact that you are involved in the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund. Kudos to you.

  52. Jenni P
    | Reply

    Baron and Duchess (dachshunds) love all the Zuke’s they have tried but I think the favorite are the Mini Peanut Butter Zukes!

    • Amy B
      | Reply

      Hi Jenni! I’m glad you’re entering!

  53. Amy B
    | Reply

    I shared on my wall. Not sure if this is going to work….I’ve never copied my wall comment before…


  54. Karen in WI
    | Reply

    I shared, hope all my dog friends enter as well. I don’t Twitter tweet, so FB will have to do. Hope my 2 entries are lucky!!


  55. Amanda
    | Reply

    My little Maltese, Emma, LOVES the Zuke’s Very Berryz – definitely her favorite treat!

  56. Amanda Raslowsky
    | Reply

    Contest entry: http://www.zukes.com/woof/superfood-organic-biscuits.html

  57. Lindsay Curry
    | Reply

    Hard to pick just one Zukes product as a favourite… my dog LOVES Z-Ridge chews for himself, and I really like Mini Naturals for training at classes and events.

  58. Lindsay Curry
    | Reply

    Hope I did this right…


  59. Thomas Creighton
    | Reply

    My dogs love the Zukes Z Ridge Bones. The other brand treats never elicit as great a response as Zukes does!

  60. r stallings
    | Reply

    My JRT loves the Zukes PowerBones, any flavor. We use them in flyball.

  61. Amelia
    | Reply

    My dog loves the salmon flavored training treats. They are my favorite because my dog loves them and they are a small size. My dog is picky about treats and won’t eat most of them. These really get his attention.

    • Leslie
      | Reply

      My dog also LOVES the salmon training treats. I like them because they are moist and not crumbly. I can cut them even smaller when I need plenty of treats for a new behaviour!

  62. Rachel Novak
    | Reply

    Our dog’s favorite Zuke’s treats are the Peanut Butter Hip Action. They LOVE the peanut butter flavor and I love the glucosamine and chondroitin for their joints!

  63. Liane
    | Reply

    Mini Naurals in Salmon or Peanut Butter. STAAR’s First in Flight, NA, NAJ, GS-N, RS-N, JS-N (Sabrina) and NLOL’s Great White Moosling (Samson) will do anything agility-related for their Zukes. We go for 2 hours of class once a week and as you can imagine w/ two large, eager to please pups, go through a lot of Zukes. Mini Naturals are the perfect size to reward them for that crazy set of weave poles or in Samson’s case, trying out the obstacles for the first time.
    We also use Mini Naturals for the endless stream of foster dogs that come through our home. Currently, it’s Texas Twister, a 6-month old australian shepherd, soon to be joined by Finley, a senior border collie from a puppy mill. It’s all part of the process to help them learn that people mean good things and not neglect or abuse.

  64. Teresa
    | Reply

    My two puppies love the mini bakes to do their tricks for & earn a treat. They also love the mini naturals in the lamb flavor. Both of these treats are just the perfect size for a 5 lb. Yorkie & a 6 lb. Mal-Shi.

  65. Petra
    | Reply

    My dogs love the Z-filets (that used to be the only thing that my young dog would eat to get him into his crate at night) and the Peanut Butter minis. I use them all the time for training!

  66. M.C.
    | Reply

    We love pretty much all of them! Zuke’s mini naturals salmon training treats are always on hand here.

  67. Andrea Ortiz
    | Reply

    My dog loves Mini naturals Salmon and Jerky naturals Lamb!

  68. kim yetter
    | Reply

    I chose Zukes because my epileptic mastiff is on a homecooked diet and zukes comes pretty darned close. Not only that- the mini bakes and the super food bakes are the only crunchy treat to not give him lose stools! He loves all of the treats- we buy them all and the mini naturals he loves too (goes to show that it’s not the size of the treat but the quality eh?). I couldn’t be happier with Zukes!!

  69. kim yetter
    | Reply


    Hope this works- my dog wants me to win so badly!!!

  70. Valerie
    | Reply

    The Zukes treats I can make a claim about are not listed here. Hip Action formula for cats in salmon. These treats are soft and my cats prefer crunchy treats, but I tried the salmon hip-action treats for an older cat with arthritis and not only did he love them, but all seven of my other cats did too.
    The levels of joint support ingredients are very high and these treats are obviously yummy to cats.

  71. Leslie
    | Reply

    Here’s my facebook post. Hope it works. Should also say that Dalmatians have special dietary needs and can’t eat anything high in protein, therefor a lot of training treats are out for us, so these Zukes work really well for us!

  72. Nicole
    | Reply

    My “fur-babies” are both big fans of the Zukes Z-Filets (especially the venison). My younger allergy dog loves the Salmon Jerky Naturals, and my older lab with joint issues one seems to get a boost from the Hip Action® (treats with Glucosamine & Chondroitin). Also as a foster home for rescued dogs – in addition to being a full-time puppy parent to two beautiful labs, I love that Zuke’s supports rescue efforts and I never have to worry about giving any dog your treats, because I know they are healthy – made without artificial colors, flavors or by-products, and is free of wheat, corn and soy. 🙂

    PLEASE send more treats. I promise they’ll love them and they will love you FOREVER (OK, they already do, but c’mon make their day).

  73. Tershbango
    | Reply

    I consulted my cat and she says she’d like the Purrz, preferably in the chicken flavor. She’d also like a new cat tree to recline upon while being hand-fed said treats and bottle-fed heavy cream – but then, she’s kind of a greedy little diva! 😉

  74. Valerie Lamphear
    | Reply

    Natural Purrz®
    Natural, Healthy, Soft Treats for Cats


    Although I have an older cat that I think could benefit from the Cat Hip ones, too!!!!


  75. Peggy
    | Reply

    Sonny loves Zuke’s Hip Action Treats. I love them because Hip Action Treats helps Sonny to be more active.

  76. Sharlene-bean
    | Reply

    My pooch, Chicho el Flaco looooves chicken-flavored Zuke’s mini naturals. He’s not necessarily the most obedient dog, but he will sit for a good long while if Zuke’s is part of the picture. I am not sure how even found them, but once I got home only to find out that he had consumed a whole bag of treats. I tend to think he makes a mental note of where there may be some goodies within his reach and then waits for me to leave. My cat, Wesley Sassafras has also been a fan of the chicken-flavored natural Purrz. I really like how the treats are very low in calories, allowing me to spoil my pets without having to worry about the impact on their health. And the treats are incredibly affordable — a boon to my lovelies and my pocketbook!

  77. Sharlene-bean
    | Reply

    Ze twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/lenebean/status/58280684296478720

  78. Yvonne F
    | Reply

    Oscar, a former rescued dog from the puppy mills, loves Zuke’s mini naturals. These wonderful treats are perfect size for him. Before moving in with us, he has lived his entire life in cramped and horrid conditions in the puppy mills. He truly deserves quality treats like Zuke’s!

  79. Jen
    | Reply

    Our pup absolutely loves Zukes mini naturals! They are perfect for training, especially during our neighborhood walks. She will do almost anything to get her paws on a peanut butter mini natural!

  80. Michelle
    | Reply

    From the moment I met my Dachshund,Bambino, I fell madly in love with him and feverishly began researching the best toys, beds, foods and of course, treats. About 4 months ago, I stumbled across Zukes and it has been such a blessing. I emailed them suggestions for healthy food, and not only did they respond the next day, they provided 8 different options. Bam cannot get enough of their treats, he loves them all and it’s so wonderful knowing what is going into his body and just how healthy it is. Thank you Zukes for an unbelievable product, staff, blog and support for the dog and feline cancer society and the environment in general.

  81. Lori @ According to Gus
    | Reply

    Our dog, Gus, loves Zuke’s Power Bones! We always give him one before a long park walk. 🙂

  82. Shelby Clarke
    | Reply

    I think my Catahoula Asher would LOVE the Organic Superfood Treats!

  83. Mary Hone
    | Reply

    All the treats look yummy, and healthy too. We hike a ton, and the power bones look great.

  84. Shelby Clarke
    | Reply

    i tweeted.


  85. We absolutely LOVE Zukes treats. My two weiner dogs have been eating them for years. They go nuts for these treats. Since we hike so much our favorite is the Power Bones. Hip Action is a close second. Power Bones are even listed as one of our 5 must-haves for the adventurous weiner http://youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/2011/01/25/chester-and-gretels-must-haves-for-the-adventurous-weiner/

  86. Kimi
    | Reply

    My dogs and I love Zuke’s Peanut Butter Mini Naturals. Two of my dogs are in training for Canine Companions for Independence, and these are great for training. Low in calories, small size, and they smell wonderful to my four-legged crew!

  87. Family Blog
    | Reply

    Hip Action®
    Dog Treats with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

    * Each dog treat contains 300 mg glucosamine and 50 mg chondroitin
    My german shepards sure could use these treats!

  88. Lisa
    | Reply

    Love to use the salmon mini-naturals as training treats – and my pups love to get them!!

  89. HART (aka PetLvr)
    | Reply

    The Contest is closed and the winners will be announced today!

    THANK-YOU Everybody who entered this contest.

    Thank-You Zuke’s for sponsoring.

    …To be continued …

  90. dog joint pain
    | Reply

    It is often hard to find a solution to dog issues with so much on the net these days. Thanks for giving me some decent advice.

  91. Carmella Meyers
    | Reply

    He truly deserves quality treats like Zuke’s! He also LOVES the Beef Hip Action chewy treats and I love them to because they help protect his joints! Oscar, a former rescued dog from the puppy mills, loves Zuke’s mini naturals. About 4 months ago, I stumbled across Zukes and it has been such a blessing.

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