Your Mom’s Underwear.

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A sleep walking dog discovers a wall, gangsta girl Lil J, and R&B’s sexiest male dancer. Plus, who can join your zombie fighting team? ********************* Here are the links to the channels mentioned in the video. Please don’t harass them or send them hate-messages: That sleep-walking dog: Lil J: Spec: Play and/or download the Equals Three theme song here: …Equals Three theme song produced by Cartel and performed by Brix for Hoodgrown Records, licensed via creative commons. (yes, I know the above link is broken, but I have to give them credit for the song)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. valcearulz
    | Reply

    if i were a girl i’d stick 80 million dildos up my ass

  2. ladyxyuri
    | Reply

    If I were to be a guy for a day, I would take my penis and smack ur mom’s face with it. =]

  3. wildperfections
    | Reply

    If I were a guy I would run around drunk and half naked saying I AM ACTUALLY A GIRL no I wouldnt do that I rather be drunk for the whole day and be half naked like how those italian guys react when there team one the soccer championship XD

  4. RockGuru5152
    | Reply

    I’d pick on my side Oprah Winfrey, cause I could leave her behind…. The zombies wont be hungry for a while… xD

  5. RockGuru5152
    | Reply

    was for the previous video btw…

  6. SexySiggi
    | Reply

    Sleep with some guy and laugh at his reaction when he wakes up next to me…. I need help…

  7. SexySiggi
    | Reply

    Ur mom’s a chick!……wait….

  8. Darkcharmer1991
    | Reply

    if i were a guy id jerk off all day =]

  9. xXpandacutieXx
    | Reply

    Ask your mom, she’d know what I would do if I was the opposite gender. lol

  10. TheDesertShadow
    | Reply




  11. quirkup21
    | Reply

    look at myself naked in the mirror….I’m still a virgin :'(

  12. Reaper2307
    | Reply

    Then you’d be bi-sexual…with yourself…

  13. oxS4MMYYxo
    | Reply

    omg laughed so harddd

  14. ff10r
    | Reply

    Oh trust me, it’s not

  15. NejraEXEERTIC
    | Reply

    become a drag queen.
    hahahaa. =D
    coz then i can sleep with your mum……

    … so sad =(

  16. GlitchC0
    | Reply

    well then i would be a girl… so i would stay the fuck away from the spec guy… hahah

  17. atlmami9
    | Reply

    I’d be a murder so the next day wen i killed all the lil bastards in the world no 1 would know it was me kus ill change iddentitys

  18. Tanquai
    | Reply

    If I were a girl I’d probably beat up one of my friends knowing that they couldn’t hit me back and the next day, they wouldn’t be able to beat me up.

    I just realized I fail for having friends that beat me up.

  19. kelkel345
    | Reply

    The video of that girl at the beginning of the video is just repeating what Miley Cyrus says in one of Perez Hiltons youtube videos. It’s called something like “Miley won’t be happy about this!”

  20. kelkel345
    | Reply

    If I were a guy I would walk around town and pee in random places.

  21. iLoveCookies143
    | Reply

    if i were a guy id pretend to be chris brown

  22. slippingxxaway
    | Reply

    If i were a guy i would rape lil j and then get away with it.

  23. Metallica102938
    | Reply

    i like u ^-^
    ur funny

  24. prn1557
    | Reply

    If I were a girl for a day my hands would never leave my vagina or breasts… while having as much lesbo sex as I could physically handle.

  25. RNBblog
    | Reply

    lol the dog part is funny !!!!

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