Your Great Dane Puppy

Your Great Dane Puppy

By Jen Carter

Try to be enthusiastic. Training puppies can be exhausting, but motivate yourself to be patient with your great dane puppy. Puppies are just like human babies! They’re very curious and they require a lot of attention. For the first few months your puppy will cry when it’s hungry, scared, cold, bored, or when it has to go to the bathroom. Never yell at your great dane puppy for crying, this will only frighten him/her and make him/her cry more.

Your Great Dane puppy has emotions just like you! When your great dane does something good (like urinate or make a bowel movement outside) praise him/her.

Giving your great dane puppy a treat is always nice. Nevertheless, a treat is a treat. It should be given as a reward when your puppy does something very special.

Be prepared for mischief! Just like the ‘pokey little puppy,’ your great dane puppy is interested in everything in your home. He/she may poke into things that are not to be touched. Don’t scream at your puppy. A simple, stern “no” will suffice. Don’t expect your puppy to know what the word “no” means within the first week. These things take time.

Your puppy will look to urinate after napping, playing, drinking, and getting excited. Take your great dane outdoors to do his/her ‘business’ as often as possible. This will prevent accidents from occurring in your household. It will also teach puppy to ‘go’ outside.

Designate eating and sleeping areas for your great dane. Do not switch these areas around, as it will only confuse the puppy. If you decide to crate train the puppy, never use the crate for punishment. This will only make your great dane fearful of the crate. If the crate is the puppy’s ‘bed,’ refer to it as his/her ‘bed.’ As the puppy gets older, phrases like “it’s time for bed,” will inform your great dane that he/she should go to their crate.

Try to set a schedule for feeding. If you feed your puppy at 7 AM, 12 PM, and 5PM on Monday, make sure you follow through with the routine schedule.

All work and no play makes for a sad great dane. While it is important to teach your great dane puppy to be obedient, you still need to provide lots of love and attention. Shower your great dane puppy with affection and he/she will never leave your side.

Jen Carter is staff writer for Dynamite Great Danes, aprofessional qualified great dane breeder. You may publish this article only if you do modify it in any way.

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