Your Dog And Your Garden, Enjoy Both

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Hi Hart, it’s us again.  Ruth and Nikki and Shorty,  from the blog.  Finally summer is around the corner.  But, there are dangers that lurk in the midst of the beauty of your summer garden, so I wanted to share this with your wonderful readers.  And, I know that you do have some great readers out there.  Enjoy your own summer!

Summer is here! It’s still cold around here, but, eh, summer is here. For a lot of people that means that they can, at least for a few months, enjoy the two greatest loves in their life; their dog and their garden.

Unfortunately, the two do not always get along. Your garden starts to grow. Visions of flowers, herbs and vegetables are in your head. Your dog also has visions…visions of playing in the green grass, in the shade of the batch of lilies that are growing in the corner. . I know my black lab, Benny, loved to lie in the midst of the lilies and hide. He would stretch out like a torpedo. Heck one day I couldn’t find him at all, I thought he was lost. Vision of digging. Ah, the joy of digging

But, along with all those wonderful visions comes danger for your dog. So, here are a few tips and tricks for you.

– Remember, bored dogs get into trouble. A dog needs a walk, no matter how big your property. A dog needs a walk, that steady, fast forward walk.

– Teach your dog a cue. One sentence that means "get out of the garden". I did that with my two, and it works! It means you have to spend a little extra attention on your dog a the beginning of the season. But it works.

– There are pet friendly "pet repellents" available. Please, make sure that they are safe. A beautiful garden is not worth the life of your pet.

– At the beginning of the season, if you have a place you don’t want your dog to go, put down some bristled twigs, it will reinforce the "get out of the garden" phrase you will say when your dog goes to that spot. And, it is a phrase you will be able to use when visiting your friends and family. A well behaved garden dog. How great is that?

And mostly, please be aware for the Safety of your pets.

– Try to chose other than chemicals for lawn and garden care. Even organic garden products can be dangerous to your pets. If you have a need to use them, keep your pets away, usually for 24 hours.

– A lot of the garden fertilizers are made of "animal bone meal" which is very attractive to dogs. Please use an alternative. Become aware of what you use around your dog. Especially if you have a new dog or puppy.

– Also, certain plants are poisonous to dogs.

Become aware of what could hurt your pet, and have a great summer!

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