You’ll Definitely Know How To Train A Dog If You Do This

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

23 Responses

  1. Tim Smyth
    | Reply

    @zakgeorge Just got a 2 yo lab/pointer mix from a shelter – perfect dog, but when we try and play tug of war he will bite up the the rope to get a better grip and nip my fingers. When I try and hold it still to teach let go, he will do this. Is there anything I can do? THANKS!!

  2. Shazzkid
    | Reply

    What to do if your dog swears at you?

  3. Steven D
    | Reply

    Ugh, that thumbnail got me! Will be honest, came for super cute dog footage

  4. Dog Man
    | Reply

    talking about the aggressiveness of the pitbull

  5. Adrien Kónya
    | Reply

    did he say at the end "szia" which means hi/bye in hungarian? maybe I'm mistaken but I rewatched it so many times and I don't understand(so confused)
    btw I really love your videos and i learned a lot from them thanks.

  6. Pace Fine Arts
    | Reply

    What an achievement! Congrats! I got them both

  7. Alessia
    | Reply

    Random question, but are you a virgo?

  8. Hoorain Saif
    | Reply

    Zak George plz make a video about difference btw Labrador and golden retriever

  9. Bruce Gaylord
    | Reply

    Thanks for your free videos I learned a lot. I'm disabled and on disability. Self training a service dog would be of interest, any recommendations?

  10. Michael sardelis
    | Reply

    Idk what dinner you’re getting but mine is way less than 30 dollars 😂😂😂

  11. W31D3R
    | Reply

    Thanks for the book.

  12. Butch the bulldog
    | Reply

    How are you so good and amazing you deserve 500 fluffy cute dogs

  13. Josh Andersen
    | Reply

    Got your new book, it is soooo good:)

  14. Krusty Krabs
    | Reply

    Are star mark collars ok to use on my 7 month old puppy?

  15. Amanda Westwood
    | Reply

    Dog revolution has been a huge help with my new puppy!!!!

  16. wila wii
    | Reply

    Hello. I've watched lots of your videos about potty training. I set up something where in she is fenced in a place with his bed and potty trainer with fake grass and water and she has no other choice but to pee and poop on the fake grass unless she would mess on her bed. The problem is she wont eliminate for like hourssssss and she just cries until someone get her off her fence and instantly she will eliminate on the floor. Hope i can get a response regarding this matter. Thank you so much!

  17. Alice Graden
    | Reply

    Yay yay yay! I love your stuff, Zak! Our first puppy, a male Welsh Corgi, is coming home in a few weeks!

  18. Karley Marley
    | Reply

    Damn I just bought the first one ):

  19. Crystal Landavazo
    | Reply

    This is so awesome! I’m so happy for you! I think it’s so great that you took the time to record the audio for your own books! That adds such a personal touch! Thank you for offering this to the world! I love your methods, and your easy to understand descriptions of everything! Congrats on the new book!
    God bless and hugs to you and Bree and all of the fur babies!☺️❤️

  20. hallo hallo
    | Reply

    What is the dog breed on 0.29 and in the tumbmail

  21. Sheree Wordell
    | Reply

    So excited your new book is out, I pre-ordered it!

  22. Katie Johnson
    | Reply

    I have a Guide Dog, for legal blindness (can see him on my channel) whom is still a regular ohl doggie haha and needs refresher courses and life long training. So I can not tell you how happy I am that you created an audio version. I know from when I went to college for video production how many long hours it takes. So I just wanted to say cheers to you and your team! I will share the good news! Best wishes. Kate

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