You Can Hear What I Hear: The Simple Truth of Animal Communication

You Can Hear What I Hear: The Simple Truth of Animal Communication

By Jennifer Albertin

It’s a rare day off of work for you. You are relaxing at home, thinking that pizza would be great for lunch. Suddenly, your dog starts doing the “daddy’s coming home” dance. You find this odd because, Spot reserves this dance for 4:30 in the afternoon, about a ½ hour before your sweetie arrives home from work.

Thirty minutes later, your sweetie is at the door, pizza in hand, having decided to come home early to have lunch with you. How did Spot know that daddy was coming home and better still how did your sweetheart know you wanted pizza?

This scenario is a wonderful example of telepathy, simply defined as mind to mind communication. Both humans and animals are able to telepathically relay thoughts, emotions, wants, and needs on an energetic level. Animals are very aware of their telepathic abilities and use them to communicate as a matter of course, actively and intentionally sending and receiving telepathic messages. Spot was paying attention to what daddy was thinking and feeling, and knew when he made the decision to come home early. Even though we humans are usually less aware of our telepathic abilities, we use them every day, all day. We intuitively send and receive these messages and often act on them without even knowing it. It’s how we are aware of who is on the line when the phone rings, how we can tell when someone is in a bad mood before they speak a word, or when we should bring pizza home for lunch.

Animal communicators are people who have turned this unconscious practice into a consciously active process. We have learned to tune in, receive, translate and vocalize what our pets are sending to us. We are the interpreters, using more than just our five traditional senses to hear, sense, feel what animals are attempting to tell us. We have cultivated our natural clairsentience, our “sixth sense”, in order to use it as an effective communicative tool.

Communicating with animals is a skill that simply comes easier to some people than others. It is not a special gift possessed only by a few. Anyone can pick up a clarinet and blow a few notes because the physical capability is there. With practice and a little guidance, one can become proficient and possibly even extraordinary. Developing your telepathic skills works much the same way.

By listening to our animals, we are giving them the opportunity to express their concerns, likes, dislikes and their reasons for doing the things they do. Many less than desirable behaviors that our pets exhibit are often an expression of their frustration created by not being able to get their message across. Affording them the opportunity to express themselves in a more constructive way will reduce this stress, helping to create an environment where pet and owner can work more effectively together. Communicating with your animal will not solve all behavioral problems but it is a great place to start!

When we to listen to our animals, we develop a stronger bond with them. Our relationships become more of a give and take, creating a mutual respect and a deeper trust. One of the greatest gifts we can give is the gift of listening. Honor your pets by listening to them.

“Lots of people talk to animals. Not very many listen, though. That’s the problem.” ~Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Jennifer Albertin is an internationally respected Animal Communicator. She has over 20 years experience working with energy and it’s applications.
Visit Jennifer’s website Sacred Paws for more information on Animal Communication, Energy Work and for free information and resources on how you can support your animal companions mental and physical health.
© Copyright Jennifer Albertin, Sacred Paws 2006

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