Yorkies: How to Teach Your Dog: Obedience Training Tips for Yorkshire Terriers : Teach Your Yorkie to Recognize His Name With These Obedience Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn how to train your Yorkshire Terrier to recognize his name in this free online dog obedience training video for pet owners.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. vampiricconure
    | Reply

    if you keep practicing she won’t 🙂 .

  2. johngolby
    | Reply

    This lady has a very nice way with the dog-wish she could have trained mine,she just took over the house.

  3. Vampyreq
    | Reply

    Use the treat to draw her closer to you.

    It’s basically re-teaching her.

    Maybe you can make it into a new trick all together like “Closer” or something.

  4. prestonian12345
    | Reply

    Hi, im trying to persuade my mom to let me get a yorky are they easy to train? And are there any tips that might help me out thanks.

  5. prestonian12345
    | Reply

    Best of luck

  6. CalamityKate666
    | Reply

    This woman isn’t very good at putting across what she means… and “running short of time”?? Then don’t make an instructional video until you’ve got more time!

  7. maingunsx
    | Reply

    mine learned his name without treats

  8. OZilla612
    | Reply

    Just a quick question, can I use these techniques with my girlfriend?

  9. supersmileylf
    | Reply

    Cute dog! I am getting a yorkie in a month!

  10. bettyboop17d
    | Reply

    lmao. or boyfriend. chris! over hear boy. good. lol.

  11. metalthunder777
    | Reply

    you have a vegetable as a girlfriend?

  12. kiwiandmeko
    | Reply

    Yorkies are extremely easy to train. They are so intelligent, most times they teach themselves.

  13. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Excellent!! training tip!!

  14. countrygirl999999
    | Reply

    dude she might have had to ran and go to work or something u know u should not insult a video like this a least she showed us something new

  15. ap8193
    | Reply

    hey i need help, my yorkie is a little devil haha he hates strange people he bites them, also he barks too much when theres a person near home and he thinks he is a pitbull or that kind of dogs! i love him but im getting tired of his behaviour.. please help me!

  16. mhitarjana
    | Reply

    Ok, dont give him food at all, when he starts barking , every time — call him up and give little food

  17. looneytoobs
    | Reply

    Nice and informative video! 5*

    You might want to ease up on cheese treats. It may cause kidney stones as it has in my friend’s Yorkie. The pups love mozzarella, but even tiny pieces of cheese may be too salty for them long term.

  18. flair363
    | Reply

    i need 3 mounth of my dog for reconise name parfecly….ooops. But i change name of my dog(beacause i got my yorkshire when have 7 mounth old… and named bubulle and i change to Mojo.)i tink its for that

  19. flair363
    | Reply

    And now i teach trick on my dog. i successfull to learn up to 19 trick’s on my yorkshire!! Congrulation Mojo! REally inteligent dog

  20. mysecurita
    | Reply

    He is the top yorkie for sure.

  21. iluvmybestfriendz
    | Reply

    @OZilla612 lol

  22. franfred11
    | Reply

    u shouldent give dogs cheese…

  23. Snoboxx2323
    | Reply

    @franfred11 lol

  24. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    you can give them a bit… but it makes them fart…

  25. flair363
    | Reply

    Exellent video! I train Mojo, i like this!

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